The Dragon Families


The dragon families all differ from each other in some ways, but are similar in many.  Family traits and colouring allow them to be easily told apart, but other the years there has been some interbreeding creating mixtures of the bloodlines.  They have no wings, but can fly.  They are longer than Everwayan dragons, more snake like than lizard like.  Many have facial hair.  As with all dragons their abilities can range wildly, however even the weakest should be as strong as an average Everwayan dragon.  When creating a dragon itís highest element should be that of the element of itís family.  The dragons are steadily weakening over the years, less dragons are born, and they generally donít become as strong, or have all the gifts of their parents.  This is something that the dragons keep to themselves as a shame, indeed none talk about it, even to others of their own family since it is such a cause of embarrassment.



The Han Family

Dragons of the East



The Han family are very pragmatic.  They teach pacifism, so that they will be strong against their enemy the Qin.  They are known to regularly commune with the spirits, and it is rumoured that their fighting servants, the Wu-huan have all been gifted the ability to spherewalk by the family.  If so that would make them a formidable army, but this has not been demonstrated.  They are a dark blue in colour, and generally hairless.  Their tails tend to end like a fishís and they are as home in the water as they are in the air.  Their breath weapon varies depending on their mood.  Normally it is a blast of water, that can be used to knock back an opponent without unduly hurting them, but when angered they have been known to launch ice from their maws, piercing foes with thousands of sharp needles.



The Shu Family

Dragons of the West



The Shu family are masters of words, it is they who have standardised writing and speaking throughout the empire.  It is known that Lei Kun is a master tactician, and it is largely thanks to him that the families managed to escape their enemies.  That is why many turned a blind eye to his actions with Zhuge Laing.  However there is talk that  has also advised Xian, but such a wise dragon would know what would happen, so the question is what did he hope to gain.  The Shu are not known for their fighting, but have won many victories thanks to Lei Kun forethought and tactics.  The Shu are white in colour, though some appear almost silver.  They are generally hairy, with white thick curls around their mouths.  Their breath weapon fires a gust of air, which they typically use to launch the unsuspecting off their cliff top homes.  Some, like Lei Kun, can use a lightening breath weapon.



The Wei Family

Dragons of the South



The Wei were the warriors of the families when escaping the Qin, and are known for their quick actions not their minds.  They are arrogant, and an uprising by them did not surprise many, indeed Zhuge Liang said ďThe only surprise is that it took so long.Ē.  They are a red in colour, starting out as a fiery hue and getting deeper with age.  Some of them have orange or brown hair.  Their breath is fire, a destructive force that epitomises their deed over thought attitude.



The Wu Family

Dragons of the North



The Wu are in general quite solitary dragons, so the term family is quite loose.  They have united over certain goals however, once against the Qin, and now against the Wei.  They are black in colour, though some of the oldest Wu have begun to turn a dark green.  This has never been explained by the Wu, they seem to want to avoid discussion.  The Wu seem to have disadvantages to the other families, they seem to be unable to change shape, and none of them has a breath weapon.  However their skin is as hard as diamond, and when roused use their bulk to great effect.




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