The Golden Horde

This is an optional situation based on the environment of the 25 Worlds.


A great army has appeared at the edge of the Empire, the Golden Horde.  This is an army of demons led by the golden dragons of the Khan family, banished eons ago by the Four Families.  These dragons under Ghengis Khan’s leadership sought out the Qin, and were given an army of demons with which to destroy the other dragons.  Now they have returned to the 25 Worlds, to destroy them.


            The army itself is full of animal demons, like toad demons, monkey demons etc…  At their forefront are animated suits of armour, riding on black horses with flames for hooves.  Above this terrible force fly the Khan’s themselves, golden beasts tainted with evil, their breath a pestilence upon the land.  Can the

Wu-huan be equal to their ancient task and stop the horde, or might they need the help of a brave band of adventurers to find a way to stop the Golden Horde?





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