The Three Realms

 An Alternative Starting Point In The Thousand Spheres



After some posts on Everway-L, a kung-fu fighting hero and another look at a Japanese themed chronicle I ran I was inspired to create the following environment in the Thousand Spheres.  It is not an alternate version, merely a collection of spheres distant from Everway itself with a different flavour.  All the game mechanics and rules remain the same, though with a Chinese feel behind the game.  Whilst it is designed for a place that Spherewalkers can start from it can also be used as a place to run quests, with a lot of political upheaval currently taking place.  The 25 Worlds is a term used to describe the limits of the empire, it is part of the thousand spheres and is so unlimited in scope for exploration.  Since it is part of the Thousand Spheres it could be that this empire has been contacted by Everway, what will the people of this vast empire do when faced with humans were not made by the dragons, and who may be servants of the Qin?  Similarly humans from here could discover Everway, how would they react?

Table Of Contents

History & Religion

The Dragon Families

The 25 Worlds & Economics


The Golden Horde


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