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As with the dragons in the players guide many of the creatures listed here should be taken as examples.  Most have access to the whole range of dragon powers, but the sort of powers most of that type of dragon have is listed.  Also the scores are average, many dragons of the different types will have different scores to these.

Amphiptere                  This type of creature is basically just a large serpent with wings.  It is not a dragon and many dragons will be

                                    highly insulted if this is suggested.  Some scholars say that it is an primitive ancestor of the dragons, though

                                    they do so quietly.

                                    Fire:    5        Earth:    8        Water:    3        Air:    3        Powers: Can fly, immunities


Drake                           This is a generally large type of wingless dragon with 2 pairs of legs.  The name is apparently derogatory in the

                                    dragon tongue, however the wingless dragons bear it as part of their shame.  Many do not breathe fire, but ice

                                    or lightening.

                                    Fire:    6        Earth:    8        Water:    4        Air:    7        Powers: Immunities, icy/electric breath, Tongue.


Guivre                          This serpent is not a dragon, but has a dragons head and intelligence.  They are about the size of a oak tree,

                                    and are often the result of magic.  Many of them have magic skills of their own.

                                    Fire:    4        Earth:    5        Water:    3        Air:    6        Powers: Tongue, Words of Power 4


Lindworm                     This is a small dragon, most are about the size of a cat, with one pair of legs and no wings.  The use of the    

                                    word worm in their name is indicative of the fact many dragons disown this type of creature as being part of

                                    their race.

                                    Fire:    5        Earth:    4        Water:    5        Air:    7        Powers: Tongue, immunities, fiery breath


Nardoonrigh                  An ancient race that seem to be a gigantic meld between Dragon and Rhino.  Whilst wingless, they are horned,

                                    and armoured with scales.  They are herbivores, and almost blind, but with a great sense of smell.  They live in

                                    cycles.  Every 5 centuries the Nardoonrigh mate and lay their eggs on their home realm of Du’shan.  Then they

                                    migrate to the graveyard of Archway where they die.  They cannot die anywhere else than the graveyard, and

                                    usually die as soon as they lay down there.  They possess only rudimentary intelligence, but pass on their

                                    feelings to others.

                                    Fire:    3        Earth:     9        Water:    8        Air:    2        Powers: Unkillable


Salamander                  This is basically a large lizard with spots.  It's body is extremely cold, and will put out any fire near to the

                                    creature itself.  It is not a dragon, but they are often useful when fighting dragons as they can essentially nullify

                                    the dragons breath weapon.

                                    Fire:    4        Earth:    5        Water:    3        Air:    1        Powers: Put out fires


Sea Serpent                 This water-based dragon has no legs or wings, and is often mistaken for a snake.  Most sea serpents are

                                    descended from dragons who upon being born with no wings have attempted to create a new life for their kind

                                    as masters of the seas instead of the skies.  Whilst this pursuit is valiant, it is noted by many that they are

                                    becoming more bestial over time.

                                    Fire:    6        Earth:    7        Water:    6        Air:    4        Powers: Immunities


Tatzlwurm                    Dragons laugh if you suggest this creature is a dragon, then tend to kill you for your insolence.  The

                                    Tazelwurm is 2 - 3 feet long and looks like an elongated lizard.  However scholars note that despite

                                    appearances all Tazelwurms have the dragons abilities of impenetrable scales and venomous breath.  Indeed it

                                    is so poisonous that its breath could kill a human.  However they do seem mindless, and will attack anything

                                    that moves near them.

                                    Fire:    3        Earth:    4        Water:    2        Air:    2        Powers: Impenetrable scales, venomous breath (kills

                                                                                                                         Earth 3 or less)


Unhcegila                     This land creature is often depicted as dragon-like, however it is more like some giant lizard.  Standing on two

                                    hind legs, it's forelegs are very short, probably to stop it overbalancing with it's large head.  It tends to scare

                                    away predators from their own kills and thus feast without having to do any hunting.

                                    Fire:    3        Earth:    7        Water:    2        Air:    3        Powers: None


Wyrm                            This land based dragon has devolved to the point where it has no wings or legs.  Many are still huge in size,

                                    but their intelligence seems to be diminishing also.  However their ferocious speed, appetite and constitution

                                    means they should not be underestimated.

                                    Fire:    6        Earth:    8        Water:    3        Air:    2        Powers: Immunities, Impenetrable scales


Wyvern                        This creature isn't actually a dragon, but an evolutionary cousin to them.  They are smaller than the massive

                                    dragons of old, and don't have any front legs.  They also lack for breathe weapons of dragons and are not as

                                    intelligent as dragons can be.  However they were not cursed by the gods, and so some dragons begin to look

                                    enviously at their 'lesser' cousins.

                                    Fire:    7        Earth:    7        Water:    4        Air:    5        Powers: Immunities, Tongue

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