The realm of Midsummer is known for it's population of F, and like Giggle it is a place most humans have trouble understanding and coping with.  However despite the fact that it is less useful as a travel route Midsummer has more visitors to it than Giggle, and that is due to it being the sole realm the metal Titanian can be found.

    The Fairy Folk tell the tale that Oberon created the metal to make a bracelet as a wedding gift to Titania, which is where it gets it's name.  Oberon thought it's smooth and light form would please her, and the white colour made it stand out against her tanned skin.  Legend has it that Titania hated the bracelet, and tried everything she could to destroy the thing, but nothing would dent it.  Heat had no effect, and even the strongest acids could not eat through it.  It never rusted, and resisted salt water.  Finally Titania gave up, and confronted Oberon.  She pleaded with him to tell her the secret of the metal, for though it did not burn like iron it resisted magic like that most hateful of substances.  Oberon admitted that he did not know, he had made it so that it could not be damaged.  It is said that he sent Puck out to find the metals weakness, but if he found one the F do not tell.

    The metal itself is as described in the tale, a smooth, white form.  It is very light, about half the mass of steel.  Nethertheless it is stronger than that metal.  Once shaped, and only the F seem to know the secret to that, it never seems to melt, though it has been known to begin to glow red when plunged in lava.  It is also resistant to acids, none seem to have an effect though the dragon Foultooth claims to have melted a shield made of it with his breath.    It never dulls or goes rusty, both of which make it suitable for a weapon, but here the lightness of the metal is a disadvantage, for whilst it makes it easier to swing and perform more dextrously this is offset by the lack of force behind the blows compared to an iron or steel weapon. 

    It has proven time and again as resistant to magic as it is to heat.  Enchanters have tried for years to make a spell stick to the metal and it seems to be their Philosopher's Stone.  A few have managed to get basic flame spells to stay for an hour or so, but that is the limit.  Shields made of the metal are frequently used by dragonslayers for these reasons.  As an aside the F smith Solder Twinklefingers once made a dagger from this metal that appeared to be enchanted with flame, but he claims he merely purified the metal to the point where it burns in the air.  The dagger disappeared not long after it's creation, perhaps it was stolen but Solder thought it had burned itself out.

    It is a very costly metal to obtain since it can only be gained from F smiths on Midsummer when crafted.  A dagger of the stuff can cost the same as a full suit of steel armour, but those that have the metal rarely regret their decision.


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