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Iím going to attempt to put every Everway creature Iíve ever devised up in this section with a brief description and average stats.  I havenít used all of these, so canít be sure how theyíll play.  Some creatures listed have been made especially for this section.  Most are based on folklore and mythology, and so some creatures differ from generally accepted fantasy versions.  At the moment the end product will be over 100 creatures, so itís going to be a LOT of work.  Please bear with me.


Animals - Land based creatures

Birds - Creatures that can fly

Dragons - Types of dragon and dragon like creatures

Humanoids and half human creatures - Various creatures with human aspects about human size

Large humanoids - Creatures roughly man shaped, but larger

Spirits - Non-physical creatures

Small humanoids - Creatures roughly man shaped, but smaller

Water Creatures - Creatures that live in water


Most of these creatures were based on information from:


The Encyclopaedia Mythica

Dave's Mythical Creatures


The Encyclopaedia Mythica is an especially useful resource for Everway with basic details of many religions and mythology from around the world. The sheer amount of deities listed there is mind boggling.