Mr Flitter & Mr Thumblebottom

An Everway Fairy Tale


            A long time ago, in a land far, far away there lived a king, called King Justice.  King Justice had many riches, paintings and statues, gold, silver and jewels, but his greatest treasure was his daughter, Princess Melody.  Even if she didn’t have the sweetest singing voice he’d ever heard, or was the only reminder of his sadly dead wife, she would still have been his greatest treasure, for he loved her very much.


            Unfortunately being a king takes up a lot of time, so the King did not get to play with his daughter very much.  Instead she would run around the castle, knowing it so well some of the servants believed she disappeared.  However at the end of every day, as the sun set, Melody would go to the throne room and sit on the King’s knee.  The King loved this time, where Melody would recount the wild tales of what she’d done with her imaginary friends Mr Flitter and Mr Thumblebottom.

            "Today we went to the village, and the houses spoke to us and told us of who built them and who lived in them, and Mr Flitter's house wasn't very flattering about him, so Mr Thumblebottom laughed and laughed until he fell down, and since he fell on his bottom he flew back up so then me and Mr Flitter and Mr Flitter's house began to laugh..."

            “We went to the river today, and Mr Flitter took us on a boat, and Mr Thumblebottom fell in and we all laughed and then we….”  or

“We went to the field and the flowers were metal and tiny little metal bees buzzed round them, and I tried to catch one but it got away.”  would go the tales, since Melody had no grasp of full stops.


The King was always entertained by these and they cheered him up from the drudgery of his day to day kinging (a term developed by Melody herself!).  But one day Melody did not come to the throne room, and the king sent his servants to find her.  They looked all around the castle, and finally discovered her hiding under her bed.  So the King went to Melody and asked “What is wrong my daughter?”

Melody started to cry then, and it took many minutes before she could stop and speak, “It’s Mr Flitter and Mr Thumblebottom.  The nasty green man ate them, and he’s going to come and eat me.  He’s got these claws and these red eyes and scales and…” and Melody started crying again.


Well the King and the servants and the maids and the advisors all tried to cheer up Melody, for as good as her singing was, her crying tore at peoples heart strings.  And eventually she calmed down, but would not come out from under the bed, and urged everyone to block the door, so the green man can’t get her.


The King was hardly going to lock his daughter up in her room, so they didn’t block the door, and so Melody stayed under her bed.  Two days later the first of the Kobolds came through the Spheregate and killed the King, and when they had taken over the castle the Kobolds lived happily ever after.



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