Multi-Sphere Organisations

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Despite the nature of the Thousand Worlds, there are not that many groups which can be said to cover many realms with the obvious exception of religious ones.  In some ways this is due to the unpredictability of the gift to walk the spheres.  After all if no-one in the organisation can walk the spheres how can the organisation spread throughout them.  Another reason is the difference in attitudes between the different realms, although most are human and speak the tongue they can have a vastly different value system and have no need or want to join a foreign organisation.  However it is known to happen on occasion.  The Chamber Platinum is probably the best known multi-sphere organisation, even though it is firmly based in Everway it does have agents throughout the spheres and many of these are not from Everway.  The following are some more examples of groups that spread throughout more than 1 sphere.


The Followers



    The Mercybringers is a collection of people that roam the spheres helping others.  Whilst this is true of many Spherewalkers two things set the Mercybringers apart.  The first is that they tend to help in terms of medical aid, providing food or comfort or teaching skills, and the second is that they all wear an arm band of a red ankh on a white background.  How the society first started no-one can remember.  There is no building anywhere to contain records, no hospital or school they work from, instead those who wish to travel and help others in a peaceful way simply make themselves members and make the armband to identify themselves.  It is known many are not Spherewalkers, but merely travel their home sphere or are taken to others to help.  As quickly as a person can make themselves a Mercybringer they can stop, simply by taking the armband off.

    For the most part Mercybringers are treated well.  Food and shelter is generally provided to them for free by communities even if they have performed no service there.  For some reason to turn away a Mercybringer when one can help them is considered bad luck, redeemable only be a selfless act of kindness to another.  It is an unspoken rule that you cannot send for a Mercybringer.  The only ones allowed to do so are other Mercybringers, for example if a carpentry teacher arrives in a realm in need of seeds and someone to teach them farming techniques they could pass a message on through other communities.  For most people it is considered rude to call for aid from those freely giving it to those they meet that need it.  Mercybringers tend to greet and treat each other with great respect. 


The Followers:

    The Followers should not be confused with the religious sect the Followers of Set.  Although some may consider them to be a semi-religious group their goal is a simple one, to follow the Walker.  The group is split into 3 types of member, cataloguers, seekers and translators.  The seekers travel through the realms looking for signs, tales and records about the Walker.  This information is then sent to the nearest translator.  The translator sifts through the information trying to gather from it details of the Walkers route from Everway.  This is sent to the cataloguers at the base in Strangerside.  The rest of the information is sent to the Chamber Platinum in exchange for the use of the base house.  The cataloguers take the information and use it to put together a maps which are then used by the seekers to go further along the path the Walker took and try and find more information.

    There are many reasons why people join the followers, and many expected outcomes.  The only thing thing that the Followers have in common is the desire to find the Walkers path.  Some believe that by walking the same path one can gain immortality or divine insight.  Others believe that the Walker is in trouble and that he must be followed and helped.  A few say that at the end of the path is paradise, a perfect world for those who follow.  Regardless of their reasoning most are treated as harmless by many, though are generally also considered to be a little... eccentric.

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