Water Creatures

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Akhlut                          A killer whale that can transform into a wolf to hunt on land


Alom-bag-winno-sis     A mischievous water creature that upsets boats


Bunyip                          A bellowing water monster from Aboriginal legend, believed to bring diseases. It lives at the bottom of the water holes, swamps, lakes and rivers of the Australian outback. The creature is roughly the size of a calf and requires calm water to live in. Unless its food sources are interfered with, the bunyip usually leaves human beings alone. However, if necessary it has the strength to pull a person down into the water and drown him. The name comes from an Aboriginal word meaning "devil" or "spirit".


Cipactli                         A large fish like crocodile.


Hodag                          A water monster with telescopic legs and a long snout that fires clay projectiles at sleeping prey


Hippocampus               The hippocampus was a fabled sea animal from Greek mythology. It was found in classical myth. It resembles a horse with the hind parts of a fish or dolphin


Kraken                         the Kraken is an enormous sea monster which would sometimes attack ships and feed upon the sailors. It was supposed to be capable of dragging down the largest ships and when submerging could suck down a vessel by the whirlpool it created. It is part octopus and part crab


Leviathan                      A sort of chaos animal in the shape of a crocodile or a serpent with 7 heads.


Makara                        Half animal, half fish e.g. head of an elephant, body of a fish.


Orc                              A sea-monster fabled by Ariosto, Drayton, and Sylvester to devour men and women. According to Pliny, it was a huge creature 'armed with teeth'


Pim-skwa-wagen-owad            Small aquatic pinching creatures


Sea Lion                       Front of a lion, rear of a fish


Underwater Panthers    Evil rulers of the sea with great wisdom and healing skills