Important Characters


            This will follow the same format as the unique creatures, only without elements or LP's.  All characters listed here have 25 LP's.  It is advised that PC’s do not kill these characters as it is likely a great force would try to avenge their deaths.  They are grouped in terms of the areas they live in.


Cain                                                                             Ivalice

Cain is captain of the Dragoons, but is far more interested with cultivating friendship with the Hiryuu than of teaching skills to the untrained. He feels that working with the Hiryuu will help Ivalice gain control of all of Gaia, and hence spread the teaching of Shovuk.  This would be easier without Tiamat poisoning the dragons against humans.

                        Fire: 8              Earth: 5            Water: 4           Air: 4

                        Cain is a Level 3 Dragoon.



Onus Of The Shining Blade                                           Ivalice

Onus is a devout follower of Shovuk, but is more caught up with the politics of his position as head of the Knights and on the Council of Three to spend much time defending the Grasslands or spreading the teachings.  This frustrates him almost as much as Prince Cid’s behaviour.

                        Fire: 6              Earth: 7            Water: 4           Air: 4

Onus is a Level 3 Knight, and has a Level 3 Chocobo called Boko as his mount. 



Priestess Locke                                                            Ivalice

Priestess Locke turned to the church late in life, but has risen quickly through its ranks.  However her faith is tested by the appearance of Alexander and its destructive acts.  Surely it is the Avatar she thinks, but if so why is the benevolent Shovuk punishing the people?

                        Fire: 3              Earth: 3            Water: 6           Air: 6

                        Locke is a Level 4 White Mage.

                        Locke is a Level 1 Priest.



Prince Cid                                                                    Ivalice

Cid is a visionary leader of his people, unfortunately many of the people of Ivalice don’t see this.  He is not a devout follower of Shovuk, but instead spends much of his time tinkering with various artefacts. His current project is draining city funds, and all anyone knows about it is that it is called ‘Highwind’  (Note to those not familiar with this reference, Highwind is an airship).

                        Fire: 3              Earth: 3            Water: 4           Air: 7

                        Cid has the Alchemist power Gun.

Magigun.  This special type of Gun imbues its stones with magic elements.  When it hits assume that it does elemental damage which the target is weak against, if the target has an element.  Otherwise calculate combat as normal for a gun.



Delita                                                                           Lancire

Delita is loyal to the people of the Grasslands, but this is not necessarily loyalty to the Council of Three.  He recently disobeyed a direct order from Onus to send troops to Tul’ka since he hoped to avoid a war between the two nations.  Whether he will be removed from his post remains to be seen, but no force was sent to Tul’ka when he refused.

                        Fire: 6              Earth: 6            Water: 5           Air: 4

                        Delita is a Level 3 Knight.



Ovelia                                                                          Lancire

To most Ovelia is a Priestess and leader of the church in Lancire.  Few know she is also the consort of Delita.  Like him she also works more for the people than the Council of Three, but is more subtle in her practices.  Nonetheless she has begun stealing money from the church to help out the poor after taxes were raised to pay for project ‘Highwind’.  It is only a matter of time before she is found out.

                                                Fire: 4              Earth: 3            Water: 7           Air: 6

                                                Ovelia is a Level 3 Priest.

                                                Ovelia is a Level 1 White Mage.



Braska                                                                         Loxer

Braska has designs on taking control of the church from the ‘girl’ Locke.  He spends so much time cultivating allies in the church and in Ivalice, that he hasn’t organised Loxer adequately.  Thankfully Garland saved the city from it’s latest threat, and the general populace is unaware of his deficiencies as leader.

                        Fire: 3              Earth: 3            Water: 6           Air: 6

                        Braska is a Level 3 Priest.



Dycedarg                                                                      Loxer

Dycedarg was the people’s champion knight in Loxer, until he fell before Catoblepas’ might.  Now he seeks only to uncover the truth behind Garland, and expose him as a fraud.

                        Fire: 7              Earth: 6            Water: 4           Air: 4

                        Dycedarg is a Level 2 Knight.

                        Dycedarg is a Level 2 Archer.



Argo Sabin                                                                   Bikanel

Argo is head of the most famously noble family in Bikanel.  The Sabin’s favour Samurai over any other job, and indeed sometimes suffer from their lack of Thieves and Ninja’s.  Argo would be the most powerful man in Bikanel, if many of his water supplies hadn’t mysteriously run dry.

                        Fire: 5              Earth: 5            Water: 3           Air: 6

Inspires Loyalty.  Argo is a popular family head, and any member of his family would die to protect him.



Auron                                                                           Bikanel

Auron is Argo’s bodyguard, and a master Samurai.  Although he rarely speaks, and often drinks his council is often sought by the younger members of the Sabin family.

                        Fire: 7              Earth: 7            Water: 3           Air: 3

                        Auron is a level 3 Samurai.



Hyne                                                                            Bikanel

Hyne could be male or female, no-one is sure.  Indeed the Hyne today could be a different one than yesterday.  Only one thing is certain, get in the Hyne’s way and it is more than likely you will be found in a locked room with your throat cut.

                        Fire: 6              Earth: 4            Water: 6           Air: 6

                        Hyne is a Level 1 Ninja.



Shadow                                                                        Bikanel

Shadow is the chief assassin of the Hyne family.  Tempting fate by attaching white cloth to his black robes he has never failed to kill a target.  It is rumoured that he is a Eunich.

                        Fire: 7              Earth: 4            Water: 7           Air: 3

                        Shadow is a Level 3 Ninja.

Rubber Suit.  Shadow wears a specially made rubber suit that masks all his footsteps.  When walking he makes no noise.



Layla Minh                                                                   Bikanel

Layla is head of the thieves of Bikanel, otherwise known as the Minh family.  It is said she has enough material on the families to blackmail her way to the top, with the exception of the secretive Hyne.  Most of her power in Bikanel actually comes from supplying the Alchemists with a source of Phoenix feathers and artefacts.

                        Fire: 6              Earth: 6            Water: 5           Air: 4

Shrewd Negotiator.  Layla is very skilled in the art of bargaining, and whenever she is involved the bargain seems to work in her favour.



Celes                                                                            Bikanel

Celes is Layla’s right hand woman, a skilled thief and warrior.  She claims to have been to the heart of the ruins and seen Ifrit asleep there on a throne of flames, with pictures all over the walls.  However she also claims to be able to steal anything, but all know she failed to steal Hyne’s mask.

                        Fire: 7              Earth: 3            Water: 5           Air: 3

                        Celes is a Level 3 Thief.

                        Celes has the Level 1 Knight ability 'Sentinel'.



Tantarus Dorpu                                                            Bikanel

Head of the Dorpu family, Tantarus’ main power lies in the support of the Monks of Gaia.  He is basically their puppet, to gain control of Bikanel.  This is a role that in some ways he resents, but knows without the monks he would have no power whatsoever.

                        Fire: 4              Earth: 6            Water: 4           Air: 5

Entertainer.  Tantarus is an exuberant man, and generally can be found storytelling or with minstrels and dancers.  People are well disposed to him, even when they first meet.



Bardt                                                                            Bikanel

Bardt leads the monks in Bikanel, and so by default is actually in charge of the Dorpu family.  Whilst wanting to create a safe haven for the monks in Bikanel, he is distracted by wanting to investigate the ruins in the hopes they provide the proof of the meteor attack on Gaia.

                        Fire: 4              Earth: 5            Water: 5           Air: 4

                        Bardt is a Level 4 Monk



Borgan                                                                         Bikanel

Borgan is famous in Bikanel as being the first Alchemist you ever buy off, and the last you ever want to see again!  He is unusual in that he investigates the ruins of Bikanel for himself, but in his haste to fund these expeditions his wares are often as low a quality as his prices.  Regardless his hands on experience has given him a high status amongst the other alchemists.

                        Fire: 6              Earth: 4            Water: 5           Air: 7

                        Borgan is a Level 3 Alchemist.

                        Borgan is a Level 1 Thief.



Sarah                                                                           Academy

Sarah is currently head of the Academy.  She is a powerful Black Mage, and is the mage to introduce the Academy to the magic of Ultima, though it’s origins are unknown.  It is widely known that she wishes to disband the Red Mages and the Dark Temple.

                        Fire: 3              Earth: 3            Water: 7           Air: 8

                        Sarah is a Level 4 Black Mage



Golbeze                                                                        Dark Temple

Golbeze’s height, silent nature and black/gold armour has led some to joke that he isn’t even human, but a small Iron Giant.  His exact identity is unknown, since he never removes his helm, but he alone knows the secrets of the Dark Temple and the rituals needed to train Dark Knights.  He is their greatest warrior, some say the greatest swordsman alive.

                        Fire: 7              Earth: 6            Water: 5           Air: 5

Ragnarok.  Golbeze’s blade is called Ragnarok.  It glistens with magic and when Golbeze wants it can attack with the elemental power of Ice.



Dorga                                                                           Tul’ka (supposedly)

If Dorga is still alive he could vastly shift the balance of power at the Academy.  For with his presence none would try to disband the Red Mages.  Dorga spent much of his life learning at the Academy, until mastering the art of Red magic.  Then he just disappeared.  That was 8 years ago, and none have seen or heard from him since.

                        Fire: 3              Earth: 4            Water: 7           Air: 8

                        Dorga is a Level 4 Red Mage.

Tetra-Eater.  Dorga as crafted an item that absorbs elemental attacks and instead of harming him they replenish his strength.



Cecil                                                                            Dark Temple

Cecil is unique amongst the Dark Knights as he refuses to use a sword.  That and the fact his armour is not any known metal make some wonder if he was or is a Monk of Gaia.  It is certainly a fact that he is more dangerous without a blade than many with one.  Quite why a monk would turn his back on Gaia and become a Dark Knight is a mystery however.

                        Fire: 7              Earth: 5            Water: 5           Air: 5

                        Cecil is a Level 1 Dark Knight.

                        Cecil is a Level 2 Monk.



Edgar                                                                           Gulga

Edgar’s claims to be a Dark Knight are sometimes disputed.  Certainly he doesn’t act like one, he can often he found entertaining in inns, and wenching.  However he is armoured like one, and no-one in Gulga falsely claim to be a Dark Knight for long, for Golbeze would seek them out.  Edgar is a mystery, but a pleasant one to talk to.

                        Fire: 6              Earth: 6            Water: 6           Air: 6

                        Edgar is a Level 1 Dark Knight

                        Edgar is a Level 2 Time Mage



Tula                                                                              Academy

Tula and Pula are twins, and Time Mages.  Tula is the male, and more outgoing of the two, often cajoling his sister into action.  They are skilled, but need the presence of each other to show their true strength.

                        Fire: 5              Earth: 5            Water: 4           Air: 5

                        Tula is a Level 3 Time Mage.

Siblings.  If Tula and Pula are together, both become Level 4 Time Mages.



Pula                                                                              Academy

Pula is a beautiful girl, but one who is often shy.  At home only in the company of books, Sarah or her twin, she is a great mage.  However if it wasn’t for Tula she would never leave the library.

                        Fire: 3              Earth: 5            Water: 5           Air: 6

                        Pula is a Level 3 Time Mage.

Siblings.  If Tula and Pula are together, both become Level 4 Time Mages.



Steiner                                                                          Kilika

Steiner is in charge of the Choco-Knights stationed at Kilika.  Not a particularly shrewd commander his decisions are generally made by the sway of LeBlanc’s hips.  Recently after a particularly difficult battle against some Sahagin he has been known to mutter about wanting a ‘Magic Sword’, and looking for Black Mages.

                                                Fire: 5              Earth: 7            Water: 3           Air: 3

                                                Steiner is a Level 3 Knight



LeBlanc                                                                        Kilika

While no-one officially runs Kilika, LeBlanc is definitely in charge.  She is the head of the Dancer’s Guild there, and whilst not the best dancer, is certainly one who knows how to get her way using any means at her disposal.  Those who displease her should stay away from her, for she is known to have a temper, and carry a viscously hooked fan.

                        Fire: 5              Earth: 4            Water: 4           Air: 5

                        LeBlanc is a Level 3 Dancer.

Charm.  LeBlanc often uses her feminine wiles to influence men.  Men find it difficult to refuse her requests.


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