The Realm Of Ice


            No humans live in the realm of ice, for staying there for too long will cause your breath to freeze in your lungs and your heart to stop beating.  A great bottomless chasm separates it from the relatively warm grassland just north of it, but three stone bridges span the gap, though none remember who made the bridges.  It is said there is a city in the ice, and many set off from Loxer to try and find it.  Few return, but it is from these that all our knowledge of this realm comes from.  They say that as well as the cold there is a danger from Flans, who can grow to massive sizes here where they are rarely hunted.  There is also a strange beast called the Deathclaw, who captures the unwary in its powerful arms and feasts upon them.  They tell tales of a gigantic man they have dubbed Titan, who is so powerful that when he hits the ground with his fist it literally begins to shake.  They fear that it is Titan that causes all the earthquakes on Gaia, though why they do not know.  Another figure often seen is a one eyed man on horseback.  Some whisper that this is Odin, a fearsome warrior from eons old legend.  It is said he lost his eye when he banished Diablos to the darkness.


            Also spotted in the area is the Dragon King Bahamut.  Whether he lives here, or just passes by is unknown, but he has not been spotted in the mainland of Gaia for centuries, leaving Tiamat to become Queen of the Dragons.  Finally some claim to have seen a woman who glistens like glass, who has helped some of them to return home.  They say she is called Shiva and lives in the city of ice, but it is far more likely that the light reflecting off the ice coupled with the tales coming from Tulíka have created this myth.

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