The main civilisation is at Ivalice, a towering vista of cathedrals and spires, blue and white stone reaching to the sky.  It is situated towards the north of Gaia amidst lush, green, fertile lands.  It is the main seat of learning for the Priests of Shovuk, and also the military capital for much of the world.  Its two sister cities of Lancire and Loxer are similar to Ivalice, but smaller.  All three are ruled from Ivalice by the Council of Three.  The Council consists of a regent by lineage (currently Prince Cid), the head of the Knights (at the moment this is Onus of the Shining Blade), and the head of the Church (Priestess Locke).  However recently the mysterious Garland has arrived in Ivalice and is rapidly gaining power amongst the masses as a devout follower of Shovuk and defender of the cities.   This is happening at a time when the regent retreats from the public eye and spends more and more of the cities coiffeurs on a project known only as ‘Highwind’.  In Lancire the Knight Delita is the representative of the Council, and in Loxer their representative is the priest, Braska.  This land is protected by the Dragoons and the Knights, supported by White Mages and Priests, as well as the skilful Archers.   No Monks are allowed into the city as they are seen as heretics.  Likely the same would be applied to Dark Knights and the mages of Tul’ka, but many fear their power.


Dragoons are special knights armed with spears, and wearing armour that lets them jump high into the air and land, spear first, onto their foes with out injury to themselves.  The most highly trained of these can jump further than an arrow can fly, making them deadly shock troops.  They have emulate the dragons of the world, particularly the Hiryuu, though Tiamat herself disdains the humans who try to immitate the dragons.


Knights are just that, soldiers in armour, and solid fighters in attack and defence.   They are highly involved in the religious aspects of Ivalice, and some gain mystical skills from their beliefs.  Some knights train as cavalry, riding into battle on the backs of Chocobo’s.  These are known as Choco-knights.


Archers are highly skilled with the bow, and some of them can drive an arrow through any armour.  The most devout sometimes find they can channel the mystic light of Shovuk into their shots, to help defend the innocent.


Priests rarely wander from their churches, but those that do have shown that they can wield the power of Shovuk to help protect the innocent. 

White Mage’s are specialist Priests of Shovuk.  They using the light to heal the sick and injured, and often travel the world of Gaia instead of remaining in the cities.  It is rumoured that some of them have powers to aid in battle beyond the ability to heal.


            There is extensive farmland around the three cities, though all livestock has to kept inside city walls for protection.  One crop grown substantially is the Gyshal Green, a strange vegetable that is unpalatable to humans, but is the major diet of Chocobos.  Growing these helps maintain the trained Chocobos of the cities, and attract wild Chocobos to the cities to make it easier to catch and train them.


            In the grasslands are many different types of creature, the Behemoths roam free, sometimes led by the gigantic Catoblepas.  Chimeras have also recently appeared, many residents believe they have been made by the heathens of Tul’ka to set upon them.  Coerl stalk the lands, whilst the Zu and Hiryuu battle to dominate the sky.  Sometimes Bolt Drakes are spotted, and often the massive Iron Giants are seen.  Perhaps the two most terrifying residents are the Marlboro and Ochu.  Rumours have also begun about the monstrous Omega Weapon scouring the land, and equally unlikely are the ones about the living city, Alexander, who many believe is the avatar of Shovuk.  Finally many say they have come across the enigmatic Fairy, who healed their wounds when they were close to death.  These are likely the ramblings of men with fevered minds, but descriptions are surprisingly similar from all who report sightings.

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