The port of Kilika is a large fishing community.  It rests on the Western edge of the continent, partly on the grassland and partly on the water.  Ostensibly part of the Ivalice kingdom, and has a posting of Choco-knights, led by Captain Steiner, permanently there to help protect the port.  However few fishermen have time for the religion of Ivalice, instead trusting to the open water and the wind.  Monks seem to like this sort of thinking, and are accepted here by all but the Choco-knights themselves.  Whilst nobody claims to be in charge of Kilika, it is generally agreed that that role falls to LeBlanc, head of the Guild of Dancers.  Dancers from Kilika visit every part of Gaia, and are welcomed for their beauty and grace wherever they go.  Often they travel in Shoopuf caravans, giant amphibious creatures that can travel great distances with a speed that belies their bulk.


            Unfortunately Kilika is in a perpetual state of war with the underwater kingdom of the Sahagin.  This advanced race of fish-men is fiercely terrortorial, and they see all the sea as their kingdom.  They worship the great dragon Leviathan as their god, though Leviathan herself doesn’t seem to care for the Sahagin at all, and indeed has shown fondness for the fishermen from time to time.  Flans are a problem here, as are Adamantoise, and many of the creatures from the grassland occasionally try to attack the port, luckily they are often beaten back by the Choco-knights, fishermen and Monks.  Chimeras have begun to appear, but this doesn’t worry the populace as much as it seems to worry the Monks and the Choco-knights.

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