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            In Final Fantasyway PC and NPCís can take on Jobs.  A character could be trained in one job, or even two or three, or perhaps none.  That is up to the player and the gamesmaster to decide.  A job is something that character is trained to do.  Training takes a lot of time, and must be done in certain places, for example to train as a Black Mage, you would have to study at the Academy in Tulíka.  It is advised that all PCís start with a single job, and that at least a year of game time should be spent to gain a new job (after convincing the relevant parties to train you of course).  The job system is a way of gaining high ability Powers for a low cost, but you have to meet certain minimum requirements to take the job.  This does not replace the existing Powers system from Everway, merely works alongside it, and having a job does not preclude you from having other powers.  The list of jobs is not exhaustive.  Feel free to make your own, or indeed there are many jobs from the Final Fantasy series I have not included that you might like to.  It should also be noted that unless stated a power must be specifically used by a PC.  A monk cannot have Gaia Sense turned on all the time, he/she would not be able to do anything else.  However Choco-knight is constantly active, even if the knight doesnít have a Chocobo he/she does not lose the skill to ride them.


        The magic system from Everway has however been replaced.  In the new system magic is bought as powers, at different levels of power.  Only mages use magic as such, but most jobs have some powers that emulate magic.  The more powerful a characters Air score the more powerful the magic they wield, and the greater their Water score the more resistant they are to magic attacks (supportive magics bypass this protection as it is assumed you let them affect the character).  There are two types of magic, offensive and supportive.  When using offensive magic (the description will describe this as a Magical Attack) to resolve combat use the casters Air score in place of Fire, and the targets Water score in place of Earth.  Supportive magic bypassís the targetís water score and is considered an automatic success.  This includes using a magic like Cure on a Zombie, since their feeble minds would probably still tell them it would help them and they wouldnít resist itís use.


            I will list a quick description of all the jobs, listing also their requirements and the powers available to that job.  Mostly the powers come at 3 levels.  1 point must be spent for each level, and you canít get level 2 without getting level 1.  So if you spend 3 points you would get the first 3 levels of that power.  E.g. The character Vivi is created with the scores

                        Fire: 2        Earth: 3        Water: 5         Air: 7

So that is 17 of the 20 character creation points.  The other 3 points are spent on the Black Mage job, and purchases Levels 1, 2, and 3.  


Status Magic


        Status magics are special types of magic that affect their target in various ways.  Although they are described when first appearing in the job section their effects are listed here for reference.


Blind                A character that is Blinded can no longer see for the duration of the scene.  This of course affects their ability to perform actions until the character is given an Antidote, has the effect Dispelled or is allowed to rest.


Confuse            A character who is Confused cannot tell friend from foe, and attacks random opponents in combat.  This last for a number of minutes equal to the casters Air score unless Dispelled or given an Antidote.


Death               A character suffering from Death is knocked unconscious and to all intents and purposes out of the game unless healed by either a Phoenix Down or Life spell.  No other form of healing will do in a combat situation.  After combat they may be healed normally.


Poison              A Poisoned character or creature is assumed to be slowly weakening from the effects.  Unless given an Antidote, or has the poison ĎDispelíled the character will fall unconscious in a number of minutes equal to 10 multiplied by their Earth score.


Silence             A character that is Silenced can no longer use any magic attacks until given an Antidote, is allowed to rest or has the effect ĎDispelíled.  This is not all powers, but only those that are classed as magic attacks such as Fire, Meteor, Slow etc.


Sleep                A character put to Sleep, does just that, falls asleep for a number of minutes equal to the casters Air score, unless attacked, given an Antidote or has it ĎDispelíled.


Slow                A Slowed character has their Fire score reduced by 1, but can never be reduced to less than 3 by this magic.  This lasts until the character is given an Antidote, has it ĎDispelíled or has chance to rest.


Stone               A Stoned character has been literally turned to stone.  Until given an Antidote or has the effect ĎDispelíled the character can neither take any action, or be affected by any action until the effect wears off in a number of minutes equal to the casters Air score.


Stop                 A Stopped character is removed from time.  To everyone else they appear to stand statue still.  Nothing can affect them unless they are given an Antidote, have the effect ĎDispelíled or the effect wears off in a number of minutes equal to the casters Air score.


Zombie             A Zombified character loses 2 points from all their elemental scores.  They also lose the ability to use Powers and Magic.  They come under the control of the casting character, and curative magic and items harm them instead of healing them.  The Full-Life spell will knock a Zombie unconscious instantly.  This effect can be cured with an Antidote or if it is ĎDispelíled.




Alchemist:                     Requires Air of 6 or more.

The alchemists of Bikanel generally follow two schools of study, that of the phoenix feathers, and that of artefacts.  Some of them arm themselves with artefacts known as ĎGunsí, which propel stones at high speeds towards their targets.  Mostly they carry around a good supply of Potions and Phoenix Downs, along with spare feathers to make more.


Level 1:            Potion.  The alchemist has and can make potions to heal the sick and injured.  He also carries Antidotes to Poison, Blind, Slow, Stop, Zombie, Confuse, Stone, Sleep and Silence.

Level 2:            Phoenix Down.  The alchemist has and can make potions to revive the unconscious, those who are unconscious from natural causes and those that suffered Death.  If Air 8 or more can resurrect the dead, if they have been dead for a number of minutes less than the Alchemistís Air score.

Level 3:            Gun.  The alchemist has obtained an ancient ĎGuní.  This weapon fires stones at high speed at targets.  Use characters Air score -1 instead of fire in combat and can attack at distance.


Archer:             Requires Fire of 5 or more

Archers are usually found in Ivalice and connected cities, including Kilika port.  They are trained to use the bow and arrow to attack foes at a distance.  At high level they are able to focus mystic energies into their arrows, to deal Holy damage to foes.


Level 1:            Bow Shot.  The Archer can fire an arrow over terrain to hit foes he/she cannot see, but that a friend can.

Level 2:            Piercing Shot.  The Archer has developed such a powerful draw that their arrows can punch through any armour as though it were paper.  Assume target has an Earth score of 3 for working out combat against the archer.

Level 3:            Holy Shot.  The Archer uses the light of Shovuk to imbue his arrow with Holy fire.  When working out combat, assume the archer has done a second attack with non-elemental magic at his foe.  Use the archers Air score for its strength and the foes Water score for their defence against this attack.



Black Mage:     Requires Air and Water of 5 each

Black Mages are humans trained in the destructive energies of the elements.  With a few exceptions they are trained in the Academy at Tulíka.  It is the aim of the Black Mages to transcend the elements, and it is said that some of them have managed this.


Level 1:            Fire/Thunder/Water/Blizzard.   The mage can pick one of these elements to conjure.  It will affect a small area, either one foe or a 2m3 volume.  This is an elemental magic attack.

Level 2:            Fira/Thundara/Watera/Blizzara.  The mage can pick one of these elements to conjure.  It will affect a medium area, either two opponents or a 5m3 volume.  This is an elemental magic attack.

Level 3:            Firga/Thundaga/Waterga/Blizzaga.  The mage can pick one of these elements to conjure.  It will affect a large area, either three opponents or a 10m3 volume.  This is an elemental magic attack.

Level 4:            Ultima.  Requires an Air of 8 or more to use.  The Black Mage weaves together the four elements, to create a powerful destructive attack.  It attacks one target, and is twice as potent as any elemental magic (i.e. assume an Air score of +1 for calculating combat).  Cannot be used for any other purpose than attacking.  This is a non-elemental magic attack.


Dancer:            Requires Fire, Earth and Water of 4 or more.

Dancers travel Gaia bringing entertainment to the masses.  Their dances can bedazzle those watching to strange effects.  Some dancers use their skills to help defend their caravans and friends.


Level 1:            Blind.  The dancer is so bewitching that the dancerís foe may become beguiled and unable to focus on anything else.  Compare Water scores, if the dancerís is greater this dance has worked against the target, unless the target is immune to Blind.

Level 2:            Silence.  The target is so awe-struck that they temporarily lose the power of speech, and the ability to use magic.  Compare Water scores, if the dancerís is greater this dance has worked against the target, unless the target is immune to Silence.

Level 3:            Confuse.  The dancer moves so beguilingly that the foe becomes enamoured (regardless of gender or being a creature) and can no longer distinguish between friend and foe.  Compare Water scores.  If the dancerís is greater this dance has worked against the target, unless the target is immune to Confuse.


Dark Knight:     Requires Fire, Earth and Water of 5 at least.

These mysterious fighters are a powerful force.  Most seem to be immune to many types of effect, and the more powerful seem to be able to cause death with frightening efficiency.  Luckily they fight to help the people of Tulíka.


Level 1:            Immune.  The Dark Knight is immune to Confuse, Poison, Stone, Blind, Slow, Sleep, Stop, Zombie, Death and Silence.  This works constantly.

Level 2:            Darkness Blade.  The Dark Knights blade seeks out its victims vulnerable points, channelling dark energies into them.  Assume that if the Dark Knight pierces the flesh of a victim, that victim is knocked unconscious instantly.  This counts as a Death attack for considering immunities.


Dragoon:          Requires Fire of 7 or more.

These elite soldiers, sometimes called Lancers emulate the Hiryuu, Winged Dragons, to devastating effect in battle.  They leap high into the air, landing on their foes spear first, before bouncing back to where they leapt from.  The only defence against these soldiers is to be quicker than them.


Level 1:            Jump.  The Dragoon can leap into the air and land on a foe, then jump back to their starting point.  This has a maximum range of 20m.  This automatically succeeds if the Dragoonís Fire score is greater than the targets, otherwise use a draw to help you decide the outcome.  If successful assume the victim has been attacked with no chance to defend or strike back.  If unsuccessful the Dragoon lands lightly on his/her feet and jumps back to their starting point.

Level 2:            Leap.  The Dragoon can jump up to 100m, however after 40m assume their Fire score is 1 less for checking is successful.  If the Dragoon hits resolve the combat as though the Dragoon has a Fire score 1 greater for the extra momentum carried.  Again the foe can neither defend nor fight back.

Level 3:            Dragon Affinity.  Any Hiryuu or Drakes in the vicinity of the Dragoon will be inclined to help him/her.  A draw should be made, to try and convince the dragon to help, interpreted by the Gamesmaster.


Fisherman:        Requires Fire, Earth and Water of 4 or more

These form the backbone of Kilikan society.  It is the fishermen that travel to gather the fish, and they that are frequently set upon by the Sahagin.  Thus many have leant to defend themselves.


Level 1:            Navigation.  The fisherman is used to having to navigate by the stars.  Thus they always know which way is north, making it difficult for them to get lost.

Level 2:            Net.  The fisherman throws a net to capture his/her foe.  In combat if the fisherman is successful (resolve normally), foe is tangled in a net and can no longer act until freed.  Fire magic used on the net will free the target, but assume the target takes fire magic damage as well.



Knight:             Requires Fire of 5 or more and Earth of 6 or more

Knights are the religious soldiers of Ivalice.  Whilst protecting the virtuous they also vehemently preach the work of Shovuk.  The most powerful of these are trained as cavalry to protect the grasslands on Chocobos.


Level 1:            Sentinel.  The knights are trained to defend themselves well.  By standing still they maximise their armour, but cannot take any other action.  In combat if a Knight activates Sentinel consider their Earth score to be increased by 2, as long as they take no other action.

Level 2:            Assault.  The knight engages in a suicidal charge against the foe, praying to Shovuk on the way.  Consider their Fire score to be increased by 1 and their Earth score decreased by 2 for the duration of the combat.

Level 3:            Choco-Knight.  The knight is a trained rider of Chocobos, and has a trained steed.  He can replace this at any Ivalice city if need be.  This training supersedes the rules for riding as covered in the Game Mechanics section, and the Chocobo is always Level 2 controlled by the Knight.  They could capture a Level 3 Chocobo, but this would be untrained and would use normal riding levels, but if taken to Ivalice could be trained.  This is a constantly active power.


Monk:              Requires Fire, Earth, Water and Air all 4 or more.

Monks are spiritual individuals who believe in balance with the world of Gaia.  Despite their peaceful faÁade they are formidable in battle, channelling the essence of Gaia into their fists, and into their foes beyond.


Level 1:            Chi Healing.  The Monk channels Gaiaís essence to help rebuild what is damaged.  The targets flesh knits instantly, bones set and the target feels refreshed.  However the Monk cannot use this skill on him/herself.

Level 2:            Fist Flurry.  The Monk uses Gaiaís essence to make their fists as fast as lightening.  Consider that their attack speed is doubled in combat, so they can make two attacks for every one of their opponents.

Level 3:            Iron Fist.  The Monk disrupts the flow of essence in their target to render them unconscious.  They must successfully hit their target for the effect to take place.  This will not work on artificial creatures, or those without the essence of Gaia.  This is NOT a Death attack.

Level 4:            Gaia Sense.  The Monk is so in tune with Gaia that he/she can sense all life and absence of it for 2 miles around.  The greater the Monkís Water score the more details the Monk can gather, however it does make it impossible to sneak up on the Monk.  This takes effort of will on the part of the Monk, and can be used for 1 hour a day.


Ninja:               Requires Fire and Water of 6 or more.

Ninjas are the elite assassins of Bikanel.  Usually keeping to the dark they move incredibly quickly, often dispatching their targets before they are aware of them.  The most potent barely seem to move.  They tend to stick to shadows, but are formidable in battle even if caught.


Level 1:            Sneak.  The Ninja is trained to hide in shadows.  When in them they are invisible to all but those with a Water score higher than them and Monks using Gaia sense.

Level 2:            Throw.  The Ninja carries around poisoned stars that they throw at opponents.  The star does little damage, but the Poison used slowly weakens the foe.  This counts as a Poison attack when considering immunities.

Level 3:            Teleport.  The Ninja no longer needs to move to travel, he/she can travel short distances (up to 10m) in the blink of the eye.  The Ninja can only travel to places he/she can see using this.


Priest:               Requires Air and Water of 5 or more.

Priests of Shovuk are devout servants of the light.  They try to spread the light so that Gaia will return fully into the light.  They can call upon the light to help protect the innocent.


Level 1:            Regen.  The Priest calls upon Shovuk to heal damage to the target slowly.  Over time it will heal a person completely, but cannot keep up with serious wounds.

Level 2:            Protect/Shell.  The Priest calls upon Shovuk to protect the target from physical or magical harm.  Assume the target gains 2 levels of Earth when working out combat damage if Protect is cast, or 2 levels of Water when working out magical combat if Shell is cast.  This lasts for a number of minutes equal to the casters Air.

Level 3:            Dispel.  The Priest uses the light to remove adverse status from a character or monster.  Automatically remove any and all of the following status affecting the target character; Blind, Poison, Confuse, Doom, Silence, Stone, Slow, Stop and Zombie.  If cast against a foe on a successful attack remove any and all of the following; Haste, Regen, Protect, Shell,


Red Mage:       Requires Air and Water of 6 or more.

Red Mages of Tulíka are perhaps the most insidious form of mage.  For while Black Mages and Time Mages are in some ways quite up-front about what there abilities do, these Red Mages can bring about Death with a single word.  If you find yourself in a Red Mageís hut decorated with lots of stone statues be very wary.


Level 1:            Petrify.  On a successful magic attack the mage turns the victims skin to stone for a number of minutes equal to the casters Air score.  Whilst in this state the victim can neither move, nor be damaged by anything.  This counts as a Stone attack for considering immunities.

Level 2:            Doom.  On a successful magic attack the victimís life begins to run out.  After a number of minutes equal to the victims Water score the victim will die.  This counts as a Death attack for considering immunities.

Level 3:            Death.  On a successful magic attack the victim suffers from Death.  This counts as a Death attack for considering immunities. 

Level 4:            Zombie.  On a successful attack the victim becomes Zombified.  Consider all their scores at -2, they lose any Powers or Magic they have and fight for the caster.  Any healing magic or items used on them will damage them, with Full-Life magic killing them.  This lasts for a number of minutes equal to the casterís Air score.


Samurai:           Requires Fire and Earth of 6 or more.

The Samurai are the main warriors of Bikanel.  Though the city itself is well protected by its huge stone shell, it is the Samurai that protect the Theives as they search for water, and raid the ruins.  Stoic and dependable, they become one with their swords, and as such gain tremendous skill in battle from them.


Level 1:            Murasame.  The Samurai is capable of drawing his/her blade, slicing a foe and returning the blade with frightening speed.  This attack surprises the Samuraiís target, and puts them at a disadvantage in combat.  In practice this means the Samurai will strike first in combat if it starts with his sword sheathed.

Level 2:            Hayate.  The Samurai can by focusing, predict an enemyís attack, and avoid it with amazing dexterity.  Attacks to the Samurai will fail as long as the Samurai remains focused and not taking another action.

Level 3:            Zantetsu.  Also known as the Death Cut.  If the target has an Earth score less than the Samuraiís Fire score then they will die if successfully attacked.  This counts as a Death attack when considering immunities.


Thief:                Requires Fire and Water of 5 or more.

Thieves in Bikanel are revered for their abilities.  Their natural skills for survival help them find water in the desert, and they are skilled at investigating the ruins.  Of course they are also used to steal objects from opposing families.


Level 1:            Steal.  The Thief can steal 1 object from a target.  Check the Thiefís fire score against the targetís Water.  If successful the Thief either removes a random item from the target or steals some Gil.  This is up to the GM to decide.

Level 2:            Mug.  The Thief can perform a Steal at the same time as an attack.  Use the method described for Steal but also resolve a combat at the same time.  The success of 1 does not affect the other.

Level 3:            Steal Life.  The Thief has become so good that they can take some of the life essence from a target to replenish their own.  If an attack is successful assume that any damage dealt to an opponent also heals the Thief.


Time Mage:      Requires Air and Earth of 5 or more.

Time Mages are mageís that specialise in the manipulation of time.  Whilst not as overtly powerful as the Black Mages, they perform a valuable support role, and at high levels are capable of altering time to create a highly destructive force.


Level 1:            Slow.  The Time Mage can slow an enemy down.  A successful magical attack will effectively reduce an enemies Fire score by 1.  It can be applied to the same target more than once, but never reduce the opponent below Fire 3.

Level 2:            Haste.  The Time Mage can speed up a friend, automatically boosting their Fire score by 2.  This can only be applied once to a target.  It lasts for a number of minutes equal to the casters Air score.

Level 3:            Stop.  The Time Mage can stop an enemy from moving altogether.  A successful attack will stop an enemy from moving at all for a number of minutes equal to the casters Air score.  No damage can be dealt to the target whilst in this state as they are effectively removed from time.

Level 4:            Meteor.  The Time Mage alters the flow of time to such an extent that a small meteor is literally adjusted in its path to strike the target.  This is a non-elemental magic attack.


White Mage:     Requires Air and Water of 5 or more.

White Mageís are a type of Priest that specialise in healing magic.  They frequently travel the grasslands giving aid where it is needed.  Those of particular faith also have great power to harm the enemies of Shovuk.


Level 1:            Cure.  The White Mage is given the power to heal the wounds of one individual.  The casters Air score determines how much damage can be healed.  5 cures a few cuts, whilst 10 can repair any damage, except Death or death.

                        Life.  The White Mage can counter the effects of Death on an individual, bringing them back to consciousness.

Level 2:            Cura.  The White Mage can use the power of Cure on 2 people at once, as long as they are reasonably close together.

                        Full-Life.  The White Mage can counter the effects of Death on an individual, bringing them back to consciousness and healing all their damage at the same time.

Level 3:            Curaga.  The White Mage can use the power of Cure on 3 people at once, as long as they are all within sight of the Mage.

                        Holy.  The White Mage calls upon the light of Shovuk to harm His enemies.  This is a non-elemental magic attack.


Other Powers 


These are some sample powers to demonstrate the sorts of items that fit in the Final Fantasyway world.  Some more examples can be found in the Important Characters section.


                                                Moogle Familiar           Cost 2 points    No Requirements

This character has befriended a Level 2 Moogle.  Generally this is useful for Mages, but any character can have one as a friend.




Magic Weapon             Cost Various

There are many magic weapons and artefacts scattered around Gaia, perhaps guarded by vicious monsters or puzzles and traps.  Some examples consist of:


Magigun                       Cost 1 Point     Requires ĎGuní

This special type of Gun imbues itís stones with magic elements.  When it hits assume that it does elemental damage which the target is weak against, if the target has an element.  Otherwise calculate combat as normal for a gun.


Excalibur                      Cost 2 Points    Requires ĎKnightí

This is the sacred blade of Shovuk, believed to reside in Alexander itself.  It glows with the an eerie light, and when a target is attacked the blade itself attacks the target with the Magic ĎHolyí with an Air of 6.


Thunder Blade               Cost 1 Point

This sword attacks with the elemental power of Thunder.  Whilst this does not affect things most of the time if used to attack a monster with the Water element the blade does double damage.  Against some enemies it will do less damage, or even heal them.




Magic Armour              Cost Various

Again there are many of these dotted about, all with differing effects.  For example:


Poison Guard               Cost 1 Point     No Requirements

This silver glaive pumps an antidote into the wearers body that make the wearer immune to all Poisons.


Dragoon Armour          Cost 3 Points    No Requirements

This armour is that of the Dragoons of Ivalice.  Whilst they automatically gain the armour upon training a few sets exist outside of Ivaliceís control.  This grants the wearer the Jump skill as per the Dragoon job description.


Magic Accessories       Cost Various

Many items of jewellery are often imbued with special powers.


Tetra Guard                  Cost 3 Points    No Requirements

This broach protects the wielder from any elemental attacks, either magical or physical.  However it does not help against non-elemental attacks or magic.


Ribbon                         Cost 3 Points    No Requirements

This multi-hued sash grants itís wearer the Dark Knight ability ĎImmuneí.  The wearer is immune to Blind, Silence, Confuse, Stone, Slow, Poison, Stop, Death, and Zombie.