The Swamps of Tulíka are a mysterious place, where itís residents say magic flows the most freely than anywhere else in the world.  The swamp is dark all the time as gigantic trees seem to cover the entire area.  The city there is known as Gulga, and is less a city than a close collection of huts on stilts.  Nevertheless there are two large buildings of note in Gulga.  One is the Academy, the seat of magic where Black Mages, Red Mages and Time Mages train to use the awesome power flowing throughout Gaia, and the other is the Dark Temple, where men are trained to become the mysterious Dark Knights.  These were founded a millennia ago by Ramuh and Shiva, husband and wife and the most powerful mages of their time.  It is said they had a mysterious benefactor who helped them, but reports of this are sketchy.  It is known that Shiva disapproved of both the Red Mages and the Dark Temple, and left shortly after their founding.  Ramuh found without Shiva he had no love to teach, and disappeared shortly after.  These days the Academy is run by the beautiful mage Sarah, who is credited with developing the magic Ultima.  However, some claim she just re-found it, or learnt it from somewhere.  Her opposite in the Dark Temple is Golbeze, a giant of a man who never removes his helm.  Solemn and silent his skill with the blade is rumoured to be unmatched by any, though he not tested his blade against that of Odin, or Garland.  A powerful mage of note is Dorpu, perhaps the greatest of the Red Mages.  However he removed himself from Gulga many years ago and has not been seen or heard from again.  The people of Gulga donít generally follow religion, instead focussing on the might they can harness with magic.  Few Monks go there as the idea of magic upsets them; they mutter something about the stealing or leaching of essence from Gaia whenever it is used.


Black Mages are masters of the four elements, wielding them as a soldier wields a sword.  As they gain strength in their magic they can effect larger and larger areas at a single time with their power, and some have been rumoured to transcend elemental damage altogether.


Red Mages are masters of disrupting their foes.  In general they are distrusted by all, even the other mages, and not without good reason.  Having the power of Death over every living being tends to corrupt the more powerful of this sort of mage.  While none can doubt their abilities, even Sarah is now considering banning the teaching of this sort of magic.


Time Mages are more subtle in their magics, instead helping their friends and hindering their foes with a variety of time related spells.  The most powerful can supposedly call upon events from the distant past to affect their foes.


Dark Knights are mysterious soldiers.  They channel energies connected to those of the Time and Black Mages, but through martial prowess rather than the force of their intellect.  As a group they would be a powerful fighting force, but most prefer solitary lives.  However none can doubt the valour of these men and women.

The swamps are home to many creatures, of which only the Moogles are known to be friendly.  These are creatures are known to be sensitive to magic and many mages work with them closely.  Indeed the Moogle population now lives virtually side by side with the humans in Gulga.  At night in the swamp many glistening lanterns shine.  Only those with a death wish would seek them out, for they belong to the Tonberrys, who are out seeking food for their cooking pots.  Human flesh is a particular delicacy for them.  The winged eyeballs known as Ahriman flit through the trees, occasionally attacking using their deadly gaze.  At home in the watery environment Flans are particularly numerous.  Goblins also roam the woods, looking for easy prey, as do the horrific Malboro and Ochu.  Bolt Drakes are numerous, these wingless dragons thriving on the magical energies in the swamp.  Fairly recently Chimera have appeared, and whilst they bear the hallmarks of magical creation none in Gulga is powerful enough to have created such beasts.  Indeed it is widely presumed that with their affinity for fire they have come from the desert.


Many say they have come across Ramuh, a mysterious old man who seems to have complete mastery over thunder magic.  However this couldnít possibly be the same Ramuh who founded Gulga a thousand years before with his wife Shiva, and is likely just a reclusive mage coupled with flights of fancy.  Far more worrying is the sightings of the great beast dubbed Ultima Weapon.  Whilst bearing some similarities to the Omega Weapon found in Ivalice, this seems more magical in nature, and more artificial.

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