Unique Creatures

            The following is a list of special unique creatures in Gaia.  For all gaming purposes they should be considered immortal, though it is possible that one could appear to be killed, it should always be able to come back to life.  However that is not to say that they canít be beaten in combat.  None of them are human, despite appearances and popular beliefs.  They are all immune to Status magic.


Alexander                     35                    No Element                  Grasslands

Alexander is the city of and avatar of Shovuk.  Black and gold in colour it stalks the land.  It seems to have a connection to the Iron Giants, though this is speculation.  Alexander has the Council of Three worried, for it seems to not care for the followers of Shovuk one bit.

                                                Fire: 5              Earth: 9            Water: 6           Air: 8

                                                Holy Judgement:  Alexander can cast the magic Holy against all opponents nearby.



Bahamut                       30                    No Element                  Realm of Ice

Bahamut was the Dragon King, and it was he who first taught the humans how to make Dragoon Armour.  However soon after that he retreated from Gaia, not to be seen for centuries.  Now he has been spotted in the Realms of Ice, but why did this most noble of dragons depart, and why now has he returned?

                        Fire: 8              Earth: 8            Water: 7           Air: 7

Mega-Flare:  Bahamut casts the non-elemental magic attack Mega-Flare.  This affects all foes within a 10m radius of the target.

Tetra-Guard:  Elemental attacks have no effect on Bahamut.



Catoblepas                   27                    Fire                              Grasslands

Catoblepas is a giant of a monster, even by behemoth standards.  It seems to have some dominance over other Behemoths and is likely a sort of Alpha Male for them.  This house sized beast is no push-over.

                        Fire: 7              Earth: 8            Water: 5           Air: 4

Charge:  Catoblepas can charge a foe with itís horns.  If doing so it gains +2 to itís Fire score, but -2 to itís Earth score.  It also needs a large area to build up speed upon.



Fairy                            20                    No Element                  Grasslands

Fairy is the name given to a small woman with feathered wings on her back.  Most accounts place her as being about 6 inches tall, and dressed in a flowing white robe.  She seems protective of humans, going out of her way to help the sick and injured she finds.

                                                Fire: 7              Earth: 4            Water: 8           Air: 8

Fairy is a level 3 White Mage.

Fairy Dust: Casts Cure, Shell and Protect on up to 3 characters.



Garland                        35                    No Element                  Ivalice

Garland is a mysterious old man.  He first came to peopleís attention when he faced down Catoblepas to save the city of Lancire.  The Council of Three do not trust him, since he is obviously a Dark Knight, however he seems to follow the teachings of Shovuk.  He is armed with a sword he calls Chaos and his armour he calls Invincible.

                                                Fire: 7              Earth: 6            Water: 6           Air: 7

Darkness Blade.  Garland has the Level 2 Dark Knight power.

Chaos.  Garlandís sword allows him to cast the magic Ultima.

Invincible.  Garlandís armour grants him the Tetra Eater ability.  If an elemental attack affects him it heals his wounds instead of damaging him.



 Gilgamesh                     24                    Fire                              Bikanel

Gilgamesh is a legend in Bikanel.  He is known as the Lord of Swords, as he constantly seeks to find the most unique blades to wield in his four arms.  These he uses against those he doesnít find worthy to live.  Bear in mind that unique doesnít especially mean powerful.

                                                Fire: 5              Earth: 8            Water: 5           Air: 4

Shin-Zantetsu.  Gilgamesh can use the power Zantetsu against up to 4 opponents at once.  Can only be used once per battle.



Ifrit                               28                    Fire                              Bikanel

Ifrit is the bestial god of fire.  Towering above most men, flames fly constantly out of his mouth and nostrils.  Despite appearances, Ifrit has an animal cunning easily the match of any manís intelligence.  He seems to lead the beast of Bikanel, but only to protect the ruins from graverobbers.

                        Fire: 8              Earth: 8            Water: 6           Air: 6

Hellfire.  Ifrit causes the ground to erupt into flames.  Everything within 30m3 of the target point is struck by a magic attack of Fire.

Fire-Eater.  Fire attacks heal Ifrit.



Leviathan                      28                    Water                           Kilika

Leviathan is a gigantic dragon, seemingly the only one of its kind.  It lives in the water, though it has demonstrated the ability to fly even without wings.  The merest flick of itís tail is enough to cause tidal waves.  She seems to have developed a soft spot for the fishermen of Kilika, despite the fact she is worshipped as a god by the Sahagin.

                        Fire: 6              Earth: 8            Water: 8           Air: 6

Tsunami.  Leviathan spits out a torrent of water, dealing a magical Water elemental attack to anyone within 30m3 of the target point.

Water-Eater.  Water attacks heal Leviathan.



Odin                             32                    No Element                  Realm of Ice

Odin is a large man on a horse, armed with a sword.  He appears to be searching for something, but no-one knows what.  If he is indeed the Odin of legend his reappearance could mean that Diablos, great enemy of Shovuk is returning.

                                                Fire: 7              Earth: 7            Water: 6           Air: 5

Odin Sword:  Odinís sword is so quick he always attacks first in combat.



Omega Weapon           35                    No Element                  Grasslands

Omega Weapon resembles a winged figure grafted onto the head of a great beast.  No-one knows where it came from, but it has been around for centuries.  As of yet no-one has been able to destroy it.  It tends to live in caves, and only attacks when itís home is invaded.

                        Fire: 9              Earth: 9            Water: 8           Air: 8

                        Omega Weapon is a Black Mage Level 3.



Phoenix                        22                    Fire                              Bikanel

The Phoenix is the great firebird, that dies and is reborn in the flames.  Itís feathers are prized since the alchemists of Bikanel use them to make all sorts of healing potions.  The Phoenix itself lives only to perpetuate the cycle of death and rebirth.

                                                Fire: 7              Earth: 6            Water: 7           Air: 6

                                                Phoenix is a Level 1 White Mage.

Rebirth Flame:  The Phoenix flies over the battlefield, casting Fire against each foe and Cure and Full-Life on itís friends.

Fire-Guard.  Fire attacks have no affect on Phoenix.



Ramuh                          28                    Thunder                        Tulíka

A millennia ago Ramuh and his wife Shiva, the two greatest mages of their time, with the help of a unknown figure established the training Academy at Tulíka and the Dark Temple.  However they differed in their opinions of what to teach, and Shiva left.  How Ramuh is still alive is unknown, though he seems to have aged.

                        Fire: 6              Earth: 6            Water: 8           Air: 8

Judgement Bolt.  Thrusting his staff into the ground Ramuh causes magic Thunder to hit all his foes within 30m of him.

Thunder-Eater.  Thunder attacks heal Ramuh.



Shiva                            28                    Ice                               Realm Of Ice

Shiva and Ramuh created the Academy together, however Shiva thought that they should not teach the red magic, nor create the Dark Temple.  When Ramuh insisted that no knowledge should be withheld she left.  How she is still alive is unknown, but she looks more like a glass statue than a human now.

                        Fire: 8              Earth: 6            Water: 6           Air: 8

Diamond Dust.  Shiva causes the air to freeze in a large area, dealing Blizzard magic to all within 30m of her.

Ice-Eater.  Ice attacks heal Shiva.



Tiamat                          27                    No Element                  Grasslands

Tiamat is the three-headed Queen of the Dragons.  She does not share the love for Dragoons other Hiryuu have, indeed she disdains the humans, staying away from them as much as possible.  Unlike the other Hiryuu she is not limited to Fire magic, one head commands the Thunder, and the third commands Ice.

                        Fire: 7              Earth: 7            Water: 6           Air: 7

Tiamat can cast Fire/Fira/Firaga, Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga and Blizzard/Blizzara/Blizzaga.



Titan                             26                    Ice                               Realm of Ice

The Titan is a large figure dressed only in a loincloth despite the cold.  It was Titan whose great strength sealed the earth to trap Diablos after he was beaten by Odin.  Now he has appeared, and is breaking the earth, starting with the Realm of Ice.  So far the bridges to that realm have held, but the force of his blows means they might not for long.

                        Fire: 8              Earth: 8            Water: 5           Air: 4

Terra Destroyer.  Titan hits the ground with such force that it shakes violently.  Everything within 20m cannot take actions until they have steadied themselves.  This attack causes no damage.



Ultima Weapon            30                    No Element                  Tulíka

Ultima Weapon is a strange creature that has appeared only recently.  It shares some of its appearance with Chimera, and some mages wonder if it is an advanced model, perhaps based on the Omega Weapon.  None however can doubt itís prowess in battle or its magical strength.  Luckily it seems content to remain in the swamps for now, only attacking if approached.

                        Fire: 8              Earth: 8            Water: 9           Air: 9

                        Ultima Weapon is a Level 4 Black Mage.



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