An Everway Varient


Table Of Contents


1                    Introduction

2                    Mechanical Changes

3                    Game Setting & Religion

4                    Ivalice

5                    Bikanel

6                    Tulíka

7                    Kilika

8                    Realm of Ice

9                    Powers, Magic and Jobs

10                Bestiary

11                Unique Creatures

12                Important Characters

13                Optional Rules



            Final Fantasyway is a version of Everway set to the theme of Final Fantasy games.  I enjoy Everway, and Final Fantasy, and thought that in some ways it would be quite good to do a RPG Final Fantasy.  At the moment this is a rules-lite version very similar to the mechanics of Everway, but Iím also working on a more combat intensive version, which while more complicated, should make combat far clearer to resolve.  The current version of these rules is here.  I am also attempting to make a new Fortune Deck, the Tetra Master Deck.  This is taking a while, so for now Iím sticking with the original.  For Final Fantasy purists I apologise for some of the poetic license I have taken.  I did resist the urge to put Sephiroth in the game as an NPC, but I think he would make a great image for a Usurper card!


Final Fantasy, many character and monster names and the artwork used are copywrited to Square Enix.

Everway is the property of Gaslight



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