Craft Brittleire


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There are many strange creatures that exist in the thousand realms.  On occasion members of these different races co-mingle.  Half-elves and half-orcs are common examples of these, and rarer things like half-dwarves and winged unicorns.  Craft Brittleire is the child of two such cross-breeds, and whilst more human than either of his parents is certainly visibly not.


          Craft’s mother was a minotaur, a towering woman at 7 feet with the head of a cow.  His father was a bull-satyr, a man with the hind legs, hooves and tail of a bull.  Craft himself is basically a well built human.  He has course black hair over most of his body, but it is not thick enough to say that it covers him.  At the end of his human legs are hooves, and on his head is a pair of horns, about 6 inches long.  The only other sign of his parentage is the slightly flattened nature of his nose.


          For many years Craft wanted for nothing, he was content living in the forest home his parents came from, friends with all the other creatures (Vision Cards 9 and 88) that lived there and loved by his parents.  However there came to him a great design to see more of the Thousand worlds, to learn and experience things more wondrous than he could imagine.  So he set out across the realms (Vision Cards 39 and 60 show things he has encountered), settling occasionally for a time to study and then moving on to discover more.  The longest time he was ever in a single realm was for 3 years at the Creationist’s Academy on Goldenarch (Vision Card 72 shows a Creationist mage).  There he learnt the Path of Creation and proved quite adept at it, considering the little time he spent studying.  Despite the fact that he has wondered for about 12 years he is still eager to see more.  His thirst for practical knowledge seems to know no bounds, and is the reason why the Chamber Platinum has been known to court him whenever an opportunity arises.


Motive:       Knowledge                                        Craft seeks to experience as much of the thousand worlds as he can.

Virtue:        The Unicorn – Purity                         Craft sees all with the simple desire to learn

Fault:          Winter – Inexperience                        Despite all the things he sees, Craft merely brushes the surface of the things he


Fate:           Summer – Energy vs Exhaustion        At some point Craft’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge may become tempered

                                                                            by a desire to settle down, perhaps even to return home.


Fire:            3        (Wrestling)

Earth:         4        (Thick Skin)

Water:        3        (Sensing Animals)

Air:             5        (Half-men Lore)



Horns (0 Points)

                   Craft has horns on his head that he can use as a weapon by charging head first into someone.



Path of Creation (5 Points)

                   Craft has studied the Path of Creation to a reasonable level.



                   Craft wears some cloth clothes (no leather!), and carries a dagger for protection, some wine, bread and vegetables.  He has a small amount of beads and water.  He also has a flint and tinder, some rope and bandages.


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