Epoch Stoneshaper


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          The Cyclops of the island realm of Sinope (Vision Cards 62 and 66) are descendants of Arges, Brontes, and Steropes who like Cronus were sons of Uranus and Gaia.  Whilst they don’t have the power of their godling forebears they are usually larger and more powerful than humans, though less intelligent (Average Cyclops is F4 E4 W3 A2 and over 8ft tall).  They live in villages scattered over the island, with each village having control over a flock of sheep.  They are very accomplished smiths.  Generally peaceful they are however ferociously territorial as far as outsiders are concerned.  Cronus oversees this race personally, and it was he that altered the Cyclops in a very special way.  Fearing that his siblings’ children would be subverted by more intelligent races he made a decree that every generation in every village a more knowledgeable Cyclops would be born.  These would be sent to the Temple of Cronus (Vision Card 59) at the highest point on the island to study with the last generations priests, and take over as the messengers of Cronus’ will to the rest of the population.  In this way their intelligence would be shaped to his will, and not allow them to question Cronus’ treatment of the Cyclops..  Although unplanned by Cronus these quicker thinking Cyclops were easily identified by their smaller stature.


          Epoch Stoneshaper is one of the Priests of Cronus.  Standing a little under 7 feet tall he is small even by Cyclops priest standards.  The child of a sheepherder and mason he is the chosen one of his village for that generation.  Never knowing his family until he was 20 years old and allowed to travel the isle after his education he sees the whole race of Cyclops as his family, with Cronus as the family’s patriarch.  Thus he was saddened when Cronus appeared before him and asked him to leave the island paradise of his people.  He was to travel the spheres, to help Cronus on the distant realm of Chess.  He arrived, and was immediately entered into a competition with a warlord of Mars (Vision Card 37), as to who could dodge the most arrows.  Thanks to the powers given to Epoch by Cronus he could see the path the arrows were taking and dodge them easily.  His opponent was not so lucky.  Thus began about 5 years of service to Cronus on Chess (Vision Card 30), regularly taking part in contests to further his gods will.  Finally Cronus released Epoch from his service, however he did not tell him how to return home.  Therefore he now wanders the spheres trying to find the realm of Sinope.



Motive:       Adversity                                           Epoch seeks a way home

Virtue:        The Fish – The Soul Prevails              Epoch’s faith in Cronus has given him the strength to overcome many obstacles.

Fault:          The Soldier – Blind Obedience           Epoch follows the will of Cronus without thinking about how badly his people

                                                                             are treated by Cronus.

Fate:           The Hermit – Wisdom vs Isolation      As a priest of Cronus, Epoch is separated from the rest of his people by his    



Fire:            3        (Forging Metal)

Earth:         3        (Walking Great Distances)

Water:        6        (Sensing Divine Energy)

Air:             4        (Greek Gods Lore)         



Cyclops (0 Points)

                   As a Cyclops, Epochs single large eye means he has trouble with depth perception, particularly where giants and dwarves are concerned.  However due to the larger are of his pupil he has slightly better visibility in the dark than an ordinary human.



Time Magic (4 points)

                   As a Priest of Cronus, Epoch has access to Cronus’ power over time itself.



                   Epoch wears blue/grey robes, hanging off one shoulder.  He carries a staff to symbolise the way he shepherds his people and a sickle to symbolise his people’s connection to Cronus.  He also carries a few small tools to help him work metal.



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