The Grashnok



            When the Gods decided to make humans many amongst them secretly made some children of their own.  For some it was practice, so that when the time came to make humans they would be accomplished creators.  For others it was in the hopes that the other Gods would be so impressed with their design that it would be used as the favoured children of all the Gods.

            Many of these prototypes were destroyed (alas for the ill fated Muulosh and Jenpei), some were allowed to spread (such as the Sphinx and Ogre) and a few more were just allowed to exist as they were.

            The Grashnok (Picture 1) is one of the latter.  It was a prototype of Osiris (Picture 2), and as such it was tied to the element of Earth.  However in all the confusion of the creation of humans it was never finished, it was never given the gifts of procreation or death, and it certainly didnít work as Osiris hoped it would when finished.

            To make the Grashnok, Osiris took a beetle, and grew it to a size that most Gods would be able to see, about 6 feet long and 3 feet high and wide.  He made itís carapace of jade that it would be hard enough to protect the Grashnok and beautiful to look at.  Unfortunately this meant that the Grashnok could no longer fly, since it was too heavy.  To make sure the Grashnok could defend itself he gave it a diamond sword, mounted on itís head.  So that the Grashnok could grasp and hold he gave it a scorpions pincers instead of itís front legs.  So that it would not feed on any other creation of God or Beast the Grashnok would gain sustenance from the ground itself.  This was all that Osiris had time to do before the creation of humans began, and this is how the Grashnok was to remain.

            Abandoned he set out alone, travelling over field and desert, up mountain and down valley until he came to the sea.  The Grashnok did not know about water and so he kept on walking until he found himself trapped at the bottom, weighed down by itís jade and diamond.

            Many years past until Leviathan (Picture 3) happened by.  It saw the Grashnok and felt pity, for no creature should remain trapped like that.  She went to him and spoke thusly, ďGrashnok I wish to help you, but in return I wish for you to help me.  I wish you to take my egg, and carry it.  Somewhere there exist a realm for it, and when you reach there it will hatch.  If you do this for me I shall give you the gift of walking on water that you will never get trapped like this again.Ē

            The Grashnok agreed, and Leviathan put her sapphire egg (Picture 4) into his jade shell.  Then the Grashnok floated to the surface and walked across the sea.  The Grashnok continued to walk until it spotted some strange mounds in the earth and upright creatures walking along it.  The Grashnok felt a longing, for in them he could feel the gift of Osiris and knew them as kin.  But he did not know what to do, for he could not understand them.  It was then that Wind spotted him and felt pity so she said unto the Grashnok, ďGrashnok I wish to help you, for you were meant to feel me around and beneath you as you flew through the air.  I cannot grant you this for it is beyond my power, but I can help you find other companions, if in return you do me a favour.  I will give to you the Tongue, so that you may speak to and understand all the other creations of the Gods.  In return I wish you to carry my egg, for eventually you will come to a realm my child shall call home and there it will hatch.  Do you agree to this?Ē

            The Grashnok agreed, and Wind put her marble egg (Picture 5) next to that of Leviathan, and immediately Grashnok could understand the words of the humans, and could speak to them.  For the first time the Grashnok was not alone, but he did not stay for long for he had agreed to help Leviathan and Wind, and was also aware that he had spaces for two more eggs on his back.


Motive:       Wanderlust                                                          The Grashnok has no home, but is searching for ones for the children

                                                                                            of Wind and Leviathan.

Virtue:        The Soldier Ė Duty                                               The Grashnok will stop at nothing to find a home for the children of

                                                                                            Wind and Leviathan.

Fault:          The Priestess reversed Ė Impracticality                 The Grashnok was not designed to live in human society as it is, and has

                                                                                            many problems with doing so, both with body and in mind.

Fate:            The Peasant Ė simple strength vs lack of vision      The Grashnok blindly goes about his task by wandering aimlessly

                                                                                             instead of thinking about where to go.


The Grashnok has had 2 previous fates, Drowning In Armour (Protective Measures Turn Dangerous vs True Prudence)

before he met Leviathan and The Fool (Freedom vs Lack of Connection) before he met Wind.


Fire:                 5          Diamond Sword (bonus when using in combat)

Earth:              6          Jade Carapace (bonus to resist damage when things hit his carapace)

Water:             5          Sense Osirisís Touch (bonus to feeling when Osiris is involved with something or someone)

Air:                  2          Single Minded (Grashnok generally concentrates on one thing at a time)



Lack of Death (0 Points)

Similar to Ageless, the Grashnok cannot die of natural causes.  It is unknown if he can die of unnatural causes since this hasnít happened yet.


Earthís Child (1 Point Frequent)

                   The Grahsnok does not need to eat, but will lose energy when not in contact with the ground.  For short periods this is all right, but if for a prolonged time he could collapse.


Leviathanís Gift (1 point Major)

                   The Grashnok walks on water instead of swimming or sinking.  However it should be noted that in doing so he is not touching the ground so is not gaining sustenance.



                        The Grashnok only carries his jade shell, his diamond sword and the eggs of Leviathan and Wind.


The Grashnok was a challenge to play, since there were many tasks a human would find easy but Grashnok would find impossible.  I also wanted him to be very different mentally to humans, and of course it is hard to think in a different manner to humans.  In the end he came across as quiet, willing to do what people told him but also impatient to find homes for the eggs.  He was curious about the Gods and Osiris in particular, and could often be found studying insects.  He had no sense of mortality, or of the brief life spans of others.  He also didnít understand spherewalking, he saw all the thousand worlds as being a single place.  He was the most unhuman character Iíve ever played, but was not the most inhuman character, having many childlike qualities.


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