Soaring Paw - A hero trying to become an Animal Spirit

Yessseth the Whelp - A particularly low dragon, trying to survive

The Stone Man - A man with no memory, but the story of his cursing

The Grashnok - A creature that roams the spheres, the only one of it's kind

Vanis Spiritwalker - An intangible spirit working for the Library of All Worlds

Ziekte Plaguebearer - An animal healer with a deadly contagion

Storm Windchild - Warrior daughter of the wind, wilful and powerful

Sanctity Vengeancebringer - An insane priest with the power of a god

Epoch Stoneshaper - Cyclopian Priest with magical abilities over time

Craft Brittleire - Half-Minotaur scholar with the magic of creation


    The above are some example heroes to demonstrate the diversity available to players in Everway, and hopefully the simplistic rules and story driven characters.  The biggest section is the characters background, as it is this that gives a feel for the character, details on their skills and abilities and how they are likely to behave.  As part of the characterís background 5 images must be chosen (Everway is VISIONARY Roleplay after all).


    I'm putting up the characters as they were originally created.  Sometimes a GM will give a hero a boon, and heroes Virtue, Fault, Fate and Motive can alter as they grow and develop.  Although character's in Everway don't gain levels like in other RPG's they can improve through hard work and dedication. 


If you have a hero you wish to put on, just send it to me at squall@btinternet.com and Iíll put it up with full credit.


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