Sanctity Vengeancebringer

The Sword Of Moloch



            Extract from a report from Veil Dusklinger to unknown party found after his execution for treason.


            “It is well known even to you that Everway is a home to all religions, but this is apparently not the case.  It seems that whilst theoretically everyone is welcome some religions refuse to take part in the Everwayan acceptance.  So it was with a bit of shock that some of the priests encountered a holy man from the Church of Moloch.  Apparently one of the major doctrines of that religion is that all other gods are lesser than Moloch and their followers should be made to see the light of Moloch, The Sun God.  The resulting carnage will likely not heal for a long time, but it was the choice of victim that intrigued me.  Not everyone there was slain, indeed the high priest himself told later how the man casually walked past him in order to slay a minor official.  All children present were spared which again was strange.  The incident will delay our plans slightly, but I have a few ideas of how to use it in our favour…”


            Sanctity is a colossus of a man, 7 foot tall, and brimming with muscles.  He is incredibly fast, and it is rumoured that in combat with his great sword (which is almost as tall as him, and certainly it shouldn’t be possible for a man to lift such and object, never mind swing it round effortlessly) he is unbeaten, an army in himself.  In a soldier or hero this would be a great boon, but such power in the hands of a deluded priest to an intolerant god it’s a recipe for disaster.


            Sanctity was discovered by a priest of Moloch on the realm of Sun's Beginning whilst rounding up first-borns for their sacrifice (they would be placed in the hands of a statue to Moloch, the hands would raise and they would enter the mouth of the bull headed statue, inside would be fierce flames, making the statue glow red and the children be cremated so that Moloch himself could consume their essence).  He was dripping with blood from head to toe, that of his parents and older brother.  It was never clear who slew them, but the priest told Sanctity it was the followers of Cronos.  By the age of 4 Sanctity was spouting scripture, by 7 he was training in the military arts, but it was when he was 18 that Moloch came to him for the first time.  Like his adoptive father Sanctity had joined the church, and was proud on the day that he was given his robe.  He went in front of the statue of Moloch and knelt in supplication.  Then the voice entered his head.  It told Sanctity that he had been chosen by Moloch, to be empowered as his tool and his weapon.  Sanctity would be given the power to undertake tasks that would help Moloch and deliver his justice to all.  To help him and prove his worth Sanctity was to take the sword from the statue to use as his own.  Sanctity braved the heat and took the sword, and on that day he left the church, never to return.


Vision Cards:

V2      This is the priest that found Sanctity preparing a first born ready for it's sacrifice.

V50    A woman in front of an image of Moloch, usually however he is depicted as a man with a bull's head

V69    Temple to Moloch on the realm of Sun's Beginning

V14    The machine that keeps the furnace in the statue of Moloch burning to consume the children

V18    Sanctity in his youth decorating the temple floor with the blood of heathens.


Motive:           Conquest                                                               Sanctity lives to do the work of Moloch

Virtue:            War – Great Effort                                                 Sanctity goes to great lengths to do the biding of Moloch

Fault:              The Soldier – Blind Obedience                                Sanctity never questions the orders of Moloch

Fate:               The Peasant – Simple Strength vs Lack of Vision      For all Sanctity’s strength he cannot see how his actions affect

                                                                                                   others.  How many orphans will he be responsible for?  Will he    

                                                                                                   ever have the strength to defy Moloch?


Fire:                 9          (Great Sword)

Earth:              6          (Healing)

Water:             2          (Sensing Guilt)

Air:                  3          (Unemotional in battle)



Metatron (0 Points)

                        Sanctity believes that the voice of Moloch speaks to him in his head.  The voice tells him where to go and who to kill.  Most people believe that Sanctity is quite insane, but there are a few Molochians who believe him.  In game terms it’s just a plot point to get Sanctity to join a party and to act as a hero under ‘Moloch’s’ instruction.  As a side note some power keeps his robe a pristine red no matter how dirty it should seem to get.



                        Sanctity carries a Great Sword that is 6 foot long and glistening.  He wears red robes and always has some meat of an unidentified source with him.  He seems to have beads when he needs them, no doubt from corpses, and he has a small dagger and whetstone.


NB    Moloch was a god in the Canaanite pantheon.  The sacrifice of first-borns in the manner described was an actual practice.


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