Soaring Paw





In the realm of Shining Stream there is a great forest.  In this forest live the animal spirits.  The spirits are proud, and watch over their animal kin with great diligence.  In the words of man they would be Godlings, each is like their animal, but also like a man.  They can become like the animal, and do so when humans are around so as not to be seen.  It so happened that one day the warrior Eagle (Picture 1) came across the fierce Wolf (Picture 2) at the stream.  Wolf and Eagle respected each other as hunters, but were also rivals, and decided to have a competition.  Whoever could catch a fish first was the greater.  Eagle soared up into the air, watching the stream, whilst Wolf padded softly to it’s edge.  As Eagle began to swoop down on a fish Wolf leaped, and they fell in the stream together.  Thus it was that Eagle and Wolf broke a sacred taboo and laid together.

            Many moons passed, and it became obvious that Wolf was heavy with cub.  The other spirits could not understand this, for whilst they knew of such things none of them had a mate, being the only spirit of their animal.  When the time came and Wolf’s cub emerged all knew what had happened, for her cub was like both Eagle and Wolf (Picture 3).    However being neither wolf nor eagle she could not assume either shape, she had wings but could not fly, and a wolfs nose but could not smell like a wolf.  There was a great meeting of the spirits, such as had never been seen to decide what to do.  Wolf and Eagle were shamed, and from then on would have to ask permission to hunt from the spirit of the animal they were hunting.  As for the cub, she was neither animal, nor spirit, and thus could not live in the forest.

            Soaring Paw, for that was the cub’s name, left.  She followed the stream to the edge of the forest and stayed there for many years.  From time to time Eagle and Wolf would come to see her, but they would never speak and only looked sorrowful and turned away.  When Soaring Paw grew to adulthood she left the forest behind her, seeking a new life.  She came across 2 trees, in the middle of a flat plane, and when she walked between them had a strange sensation.  Now she had found herself on a new sphere, and continued her journey without looking back.

            Her journey took her many moons, but eventually she found a place she was drawn to.  There was a shield hung on a tree, a shield with the images of animals on it (Picture 4).  She put the shield on, and felt for the first time a connection to the world of the animals.  She could smell the world, like the wolf, and could use her wings like the eagle.  The shield spoke to her of a statue (Picture 5), one that will grant her spirit-hood, so that she may return to the forest, and undo her parents shame.  Thus Soaring Paw set out to find the statue.


Motive:           Searching                                                           Soaring Paw is searching for the statue to make her like her kin.

Virtue:            The Unicorn - Purity                                           Soaring Paw has lived a solitary life and does not know about lying or


Fault:               The Hermit reversed - Isolation                           Soaring Paw does not know how to respond in social situations, the

                                                                                                more people the worse she is.

Fate:                The Lion – The Body Prevails vs Weakness        Will Soaring Paw overcome her bodies restrictions to become an

                                                                                                animal spirit?


Fire:         5    (Running)          

Earth:      4    (Thick Skin)      

Water:     4    (Tracking)           

Air:          3    (Animal Lore)



Spirit Shield (0 Points)

                        This shield always tells Soaring Paw in which direction the statue lies.  It also promises to tell her where Shining Stream is when she has it.


Wolf’s Nose (2 Points Frequent, Versatile)

                        Soaring Paw has a wolf’s sense of smell, and can use it to follow scents, identify people who have been places, hunt etc…


Eagle’s Wings (2 Points Frequent, Major)

                        Soaring Paw can use her wings to fly, but she is not very accomplished at it yet, and her wings have rarely been used, so to do so is very tiring.  She walks most of the time, but can glide, hover or fly for short periods.  Any use of her wings is likely to exhaust her.



                        Soaring Paw carries a long bone knife and the spirit shield.


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