Storm Windchild



            History is full of examples of humans and spirits or humans and gods falling in love, but rarely is there such proof as Storm.  As is the case with these tales a human woman fell in love with the wind, and would dance around whilst the wind blew, feeling him against her skin (Vision Card 56).  One day she decided to join the wind, or die and threw herself off a cliff.  Wind (Vision Card 43) loved the woman, for rarely did one revel in his every touch, so he halted her fall with his breath.

            It would be nice to say that this was the start of a magical relationship, but spirits are strange creatures and not love in the same way humans do.  Perhaps it is due to their lifestyle or long life, but regardless after a few weeks Wind left the woman, taking up his work amongst the Spheres again.

            I’m sure many of you know now where this tale is headed and you’d be right, the woman was indeed pregnant and months later she gave birth to a baby girl (Vision Card 10), Storm (Vision Card 82).  In many ways Storm was like her mother, stubborn, wilful and delighting in everything with the sweetest voice you had ever heard, but she also had qualities of her father, for she was flighty and transient, and of course she had a little of his power.

            I could tell of how Storm came to study under the Bo Master of Ghau (Vision Card 51), or how she alone took on the Beast of Cloud’s Shadow, but they are tales told elsewhere and need not be repeated.  What you won’t hear anywhere else is why Storm is still travelling the Spheres, despite being offered a kingdom.  She is searching for her father you see, in the hopes he can explain her power over lightening.  How do I know this, well you see my friends, I get around a lot, in fact you’ve felt my breath before….


Motive:           Wanderlust                                                         Storm travels the Spheres searching for her father

Virtue:            The Griffin – Valour                                            Storm is courageous and noble

Fault:               War reversed – Effort Misspent                           Wind travels everywhere, Storm only needs to stay still and he will

                                                                                                eventually come to her.

Fate:                The Creator- Nurture vs Abandonment                Will Storm overcome her feelings of abandonment by her father and

                                                                                                realise she has been nurtured by her mother?


Fire:  6             (Bo fighting)

Earth:  5          (Deflecting blows)

Water:  3         (Sensing the wind’s movement)

Air:  3              (Singing)



Friend to Air (0 Points)

                        Whilst the wind buffets and shoves at those around her Storm is unmoved as though she is the eye.


Squall (2 Points, Frequent, Major)

                        In combat Storm sings and a great wind starts up around her, affecting all nearby, hindering their movements and slowing their blows.


Raijin (1 Point Frequent)

                        Storm can direct a bolt of lightening down the staff to connect with her opponent or as a show of power etc.  However she can only do this twice a day.



                        Storm carries her Bo, a few beads, a dagger and a small wind chime.  She is dressed in a robe that is at once flowing and unrestrictive.  She does tend to find and ride horses when she can.


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