Vanis Spiritwalker




            The realm of Abandonment is famed throughout the spheres as a desolate place.  It’s ruined villages (Vision Card 5) are peopled entirely by spirits known as Ethereals, though they don’t appear to be spirits of the dead.  It seems that new spirits appear there over night, each with a distinct personality and name.  They exist for varying lengths of time, and disappear as quickly and suddenly as they appeared.  They have some similarities however, all appear gaunt and thin, and all are dressed in long flowing dark rags.  Some theorists have linked them to the creation of the Zhombi, postulating that this is where the spirits of the people turned into them go.  However the truth is unknown, even to the spirits themselves.  For the most part they loathe their existence, for they are trapped between the physical and spiritual realms.  They cannot touch anything, nor see or hear the spirit world.  They are practically transparent, and move to a wind that cannot be felt by mortals.  It is this sort of existence that Vanis Spiritwalker endures.


            Like others of his kind Vanis appeared in a small village, but with the fortune that an expedition from the Chamber Platinum (Vision Card 76 for the library member, and 75 for his guide) was there investigating at the time.  Vanis was happy to assist them in testing the Ethereals (the melancholy associated with his kind not having set in yet before he had human contact), and when the time came for them to leave he tried to go with them, and to everyone’s amazement he left Abandonment.  He returned to the Library of All Worlds (Vision Card 15), and has since used his gifts to help them as an ambassador.  However the longer Vanis exists the less uncertain his future, already he has been around longer than any other recording of the Ethereals.  He tries not to let his state depress him, but some have noticed tears in his eyes when he watches humans interact (Vision Card 10).


Motive:           Aid                                                                  Vanis takes pride from using his gifts to help others

Virtue:            War – Great Effort                                           Vanis tries hard to fit in and be happy

Fault:               The Hermit – Isolation                                     Vanis can never touch anyone or anything, he is alone

Fate:                The Cockatrice – Corruption vs Recovery         Will Vanis subdue to despair or will he conquer the traditional

                                                                                              melancholy of his kind?


Fire:  3             (Running)

Earth:  2          (Tireless Stride)

Water:  4         (Sensing Sound)

Air:  7              (Smooth Talking)



Water’s Folly   (0 Points)

Vanis doesn’t breath air, at least not from this realm, so being underwater won’t kill him.  Works like Friend To Water.


Etherial (3 Points, Frequent, Major & Versatile)

Vanis has no physical substance.  He cannot physically interact with anything or have anything physical interact with him.  The only exception to this is magic.  A magic thrown rock will pass through him, but a magic fireball will hurt him as it would a human.  Whilst Vanis cannot be treated by a doctor the stuff of his spirit will repair itself at about the same rate as a human in care.


Hear Spirit’s Voice (1 Point, Frequent)

Vanis can detect when anything with a spirit is telling the truth by just being able to hear their spirit speak.  The character must be in ear shot and Vanis must concentrate to hear if what the spirit says is different to the owner.  In some situations he could actually hear the truth from the spirit, but this is rare.



                        Vanis cannot hold anything so has no possessions.


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