Yessseth the Whelp





            It is well known amongst the Spheres that dragons were cursed by the gods (Picture 1), and that the curse gets worse with each successive generation.  Few dragons however are as cursed as Yessseth the Whelp (Picture 2), indeed most dragons won’t even admit he is one.

            It was about 40 cycles ago when the Yessseth was hatched.  It was obvious even then that he was never going to be big, indeed his mother (Picture 3) almost didn’t see him.  Within a few days of hatching he became sick, sneezing all over the nest.  That was when his mother threw him out, disgusted at such weakness.  He rolled down the mountain to the floor, and could not climb up it again.  So he set off in search of food.

            At this point it should be pointed out all the flaws that Yessseth had.  He was small, about the size of a 3 year old human, and never grew any bigger.  He couldn’t really fly, he could hover and flit about anywhere up to about 6 feet, and then only a supreme effort could take him any higher.  The highest he ever reached was 12 feet above the ground, though some claim that this was when an ogre kicked him.  He could not breathe fire, and when he tried he almost choked on a small amount of black smoke that he produced.  People could sneak up on him without him noticing, and often stole from him.  His scales were not particularly hard, he once got a paper cut in the Library of All Worlds.  He had no magic, no poison, couldn’t change from his hideous shape.  All in all he was not a great example of a dragon.

            But he was smart.  Not in an inventive kind of way, but in a cunning kind of way.  He also had a gift that whilst strange, he knew he could use to his advantage.  You see Yessseth could hear spirits when they talked to each other.  He couldn’t talk to them, nor could he feel them when they were near or see them, but he could hear them talking.  Now if you could hear spirits then you might think this silly, since a lot of what they say to each other is of no use, but Yessseth knew there are always people interested in everything, no matter how strange it is.  So he found the nearest castle (Picture 4) and went in, proclaiming he would serve the castle’s lord with knowledge.  Yessseth’s bad luck held, for it turned out the castle’s lord was a dragon slayer of some reknown (Picture 5) and Yessseth barely escaped alive.  It is believed that this dragon slayer is still after him, but to be honest so many are after Yessseth it does not matter.  Yessseth ran and ran, eventually arriving in Everway, where he hid in the house of one Malbodius Scratch.  It is possible that this is the only good luck Yessseth had in his entire life, for when Malbodius found Yessseth (about 2 minutes after he had hidden) he was amazed at this creature, and wanted to learn from it.  So Yessseth began to work for the Scribe family (much to the envy of the Crookstaff’s who may be the cause of much unpleasantness for Yessseth).


Motive:           Adversity                                        It sometimes seems as though the entire Thousand Worlds are trying to kill him.

Virtue:            The Dragon - Cunning                     Yessseth is particularly skilled in staying alive despite the odds being stacked against


Fault:               The Defender reversed - Peril          For some reason Yessseth seems to always find himself at the wrong end of a


Fate:                Knowledge – Truth vs Falsehood     Yessseth never bothers to verify what he finds out.  This can lead to problems...


Fire:        6    (Flying)            

Earth:     3    (Resisting Heat)         

Water:    3    (Sensing Peril)    

Air:         7    (Smooth-talking)



Dragon (0 Points)

                        Yessseth is cold blooded, and needs heat to remain active.  He is resistant to fire, and can use low level fires to heat his blood.  Hot flames will burn him.

                        He can speak the dragons language as well as the Tongue, but most dragons will not accept him as one of them (liable to attack or ignore him), so this is of little use.


Hover (1 points Frequent)

                        Yessseth can fly at heights up to 6 feet.  Below that he is a master of the air, but cannot fly above that level without supreme effort or help.


Spirit Gossip (1 Point Major)

                        Yessseth can hear what spirits say to one another if he is in earshot.  He cannot ask them questions, and cannot see them or feel them to get close.



                        Yessseth frequently carries round a book (seems to be some sort of diary), quill and ink, some beads, and a magnifying glass.


I enjoyed playing Yessseth so much I frequently use him when GM-ing.


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