Character Creation


Character’s in Steamway are given 20 points to distribute between four statistics and also to spend on powers, skills or magic.  Statistics range in value between 1 point and 10 points, with each increasing value meaning a character is twice as good in that statistic than a character with a point less.  Average is 3 in each statistic.  Powers, skills and magic are unique abilities that the character might have not covered by their elemental scores.  They cost various amounts of points to ‘buy’, whereas each level in a statistic cost 1 point.  The statistics are as follows:






Electrical:          This is how quick and adjustable a character is.  This is also used to decide how good a character’s reaction time and combat skills are.  Typically characters high in this statistic make good pilots and soldiers.


Mechanical:      This is how resilient and how much stamina a character has.  Characters high in this statistic tend to make good sailors and engineers.


Empathy:          This is how good a character is at sensing others feelings and desires.  It is also their ability at interpreting their environ through, sights, sounds and smells.  Characters high in this statistic tend to make good ambassadors and spies.


Magical:           This is the intelligence of the character, their ability to solve puzzles and learn.  Characters high in this statistic tend to make good inventors or magicians.

Powers, Skills and Magic


Powers are generally the various items that a character owns.  These cost various points to own which covers the training to use them.  The more complicated the item the more it costs.  An example of this might be a gun or a radio.


Skills are the abilities a character has learnt over time.  For example a character might be able to drive a tank, or pilot a Faraday.  They might be skilled at charming others or at entertaining.  They might know how to repair and maintain complex items such as steam engines or a hydroelectric plant.  It could even by a skill in painting or poetry.  Most skills can be used to further an empire in some way.


Magic is limited to the Wiccan Nation and its agents.  At the moment its sole purpose is to cloud others minds and influence their decisions.  The impregnable barriers are in fact nothing of the sort, but illusions that disguise movement and cover up the damage dealt by all the fired cannonballs.  Likewise Australia didn’t really vanish, it was just anyone near couldn’t see it, and many would sail round it thinking they had gone through where it should be.


Sample Powers:


Pistol                1 Point

The character is armed with a pistol, and knows how to use it.  A pistol is a gentleman’s weapon and does not need physical strength to use, merely a sound mind and a good eye.  A characters skill with a pistol therefore relies on his Empathy and Magic.


Radio               2 Points                        Russian Alliance only

The character has a radio, an electrical device allowing him or her to communicate directly with Mother Russia or any other Alliance members with a radio.


Butler               1 Point

The character has in his/her employ a butler, who acts as a general manservant.  This immediately puts him/her as a gentle(wo)man in others eyes, and frees up his/her time for more seemly pursuits.


Steam-car        3 Points                        British Empire only

The character has at his disposal a new Steam-car, as designed by a German fellow by the name of Benz.  These are becoming all the rage amongst fashionable young gentlemen, and as well as being a status symbol they are far less troublesome than horse-drawn carriages.


Sample Skills:


Pilot Faraday    1 Point                         Russian Alliance only

The character is trained to fly a Faraday aircraft.  This is not the same as having one.


Medicine          3 Points

The character has spent time studying the body and knows some basic rudiments of medicine.  The character can easily cope as a field surgeon, and has all the tools necessary to play that role.


Charm              2 Points

For whatever reason the character is instantly likeable.  This means all other characters are immediately well disposed towards him/her and are likely to be favourable about him/her afterwards.  This can be a great asset in the world of politics.


Entertainer        1 Point

The character is naturally gifted and making people feel at home, and is particularly famed for his exquisite dinner parties and fabulous parties.  When the character has guests they always feel comfortable in his home.


Engineer           3 Points                        British Empire only

The character is an engineer, and capable of taking apart and reassembling steam engines.  He/She also has some rudimentary knowledge of tanks, ships and zeppelins.


Technician        3 Points                        Russian Alliance only

The character is capable of working on dynamos, inductors and power cables.  He/she also has some understanding of electric motors, and so of Teslas and Faradays.


Sample Magic:


Blind                2 Points

The character has mastered the art of making a person unable to see or hear an object.  This can be no bigger than a house.  A sudden movement or noise on the part of the object will destroy the illusion.  Physical contact with the person must be made at the start of the illusion.


Truth-serum      3 Points

The character can make a person unable to lie.  By locking eyes with that person he somehow alters that person’s mind so for an hour he is incapable of lying.  This does not mean that the character has to speak, merely that everything the character does say will be true.


Steal Skill         4 Points

For a maximum of 1 hour the character may ‘borrow’ a Skill from another character.  This can only be done through physical contact with the character at the start.  After an hour the skill is removed from the using characters mind.  The victim is unaffected in any way.


Plant Idea         1 Points

Through an inflection in his voice the character can plant a single word into the mind of all in earshot.  This could be something like urine or shop.  Receivers of this word will feel obliged to do something related to this word.  Note that implanting the word ‘die’ in a persons mind would not lead them to kill themselves, unless they were suicidal anyway.  Normally it might lead someone to go and mourn for a deceased loved one.